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Leaves changing color is one of the best parts about fall. Nashville is a great town to watch the leaves turn vibrant shades of red, yellow, orange and brown, and eventually fall from their branches. With the help of chlorophyll (or lack of help, we should say), the leaves drastically
orange tulips
We know, we know. We haven’t even gotten through half of fall yet, and we’re already talking about spring, but it’s really important to start prepping for the new season. (Yes, even now!) Aside from flower bed clean-up and leaf removal, an important service to consider is planting bulbs for
There is a new bug in town. First spotted in Michigan, the emerald ash borer has found its way through Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky, among other states. Originally from Asia, the ½ inch long bug with metallic green wings has come to America and eaten its way all the way
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As most people who follow the Parke Company and its work know, trees are an important part of our ecosystem in addition to beautiful scenery for people all year round. From the handsome, colorful red maple leaves in the fall to its beautiful dogwood blooms in the spring, trees are
Mapple leaf
As summer turns to fall, it’s important to make sure that your trees are healthy and properly cared for. At The Parke Company, we believe that it is essential to focus on long term tree care and health. We provide excellent tree service so that your trees remain beautiful and