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If you maintain a somewhat healthy lawn, you may be more environmentally-friendly than you think. Lawn maintenance, though often overlooked as such, has an incredibly positive impact on the earth. Listed below are some environmental benefits to healthy grass. Creates oxygen. Through the process of photosynthesis, plants convert carbon dioxide
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With so many items on your to-do list, you may not have much time for intricate lawn projects. Most likely, you still want a well-manicured and beautiful yard. Listed are some ways to help you get the appropriate look without all of the extra hassle of a complicated landscape. Remove
A small yard may seem like a challenge at first, but can be just as inviting as a larger yard without the extra lawn maintenance. Here are a few suggestions to help create the appearance of a larger lot while appreciating the shorter amount of lawn mowing required. Get Vertical.
With plenty of culture, food and music, it’s easy to enjoy living in Nashville. But how well do you know the climate? Nashville is actually part of a humid subtropical climate, which means that it generates hot, humid summers and cool to moderately cold winters. This climate is a preferred