7 Fast Growing Trees for Your Nashville Landscape

While most of us probably take it for granted, we are lucky to have so many beautiful trees that prosper in Tennessee. Those trees can do a lot for a landscape. They give shade, color, vertical dimension, and they provide a habitat for birds, critters, and mostly useful insects. On the practical side, their shade can reduce energy bills, provide a windbreak, deafen traffic noise, and define property lines.

Trees are a valuable addition to a home. As a matter of fact, homes with trees sell faster than homes without, even if all other considerations are equal. Trees are a smart investment.

Here in Nashville, we not only have a wide range of trees to pick from, but many that are fast growing. Fast growing is a relative term when you’re talking about trees, but some species can grow 3 to 6 feet per year. When you think about transplanting trees, keep in mind that you won’t have to wait a generation to see the results.

What are the Fastest Growing Trees in Nashville?

Here are a few of our favorites, but be sure to read the caveat after the listing:

  1. Autumn Blaze Maple. Award-winning foliage and rapid growth make this maple a favorite among Nashville landscapes. It is insect and disease resistant and provides amazing autumn color.
  2. Thuja Green Giant. Another tree that is insect and disease resistant. Its root system requires a little space, so placement is important. That root system delivers 3 to 5 feet of growth per year.
  3. Arapaho Crape Myrtle. This tree provides a bright red color from spring through autumn. It doesn’t mind tight spots and it is also disease and insect resistant.
  4. Liberty Holly. Not for everyone, but it grows super fast almost anywhere you place it. It provides a dense screen and is fairly easy to maintain.
  5. Tulip Poplar. Is six feet a year fast enough for you? This tree has beautiful yellow blooms in the spring and offers a golden foliage in the autumn.
  6. Lombardy Poplar. Another six-foot-a-year grower that is great for windbreaks.
  7. Autumn Cherry. Who doesn’t like cherry trees? Despite its name, the autumn cherry blooms both in the spring and the autumn. Giant white double blossoms provide an elegant presence. A very adaptable tree, it will grow almost anywhere.

While these are all fast growers, your results are going to depend on soil conditions, placement, irrigation, and other factors.

Enjoy the Beauty of New Trees Without the Hassle

If you decide to invest in new trees, you really owe it to yourself to contact Nashville’s leading landscaping service and tree service, the Parke Company. Our certified arborist can assist you in the selection and evaluate your property to determine the best placement. If your new tree is replacing a dead or diseased tree, we can do the tree removal and transplant.

Tree maintenance like tree trimming is a specialty of ours. At the Parke Company, we are equipped and staffed to handle all of your tree landscaping requirements. Give us a call today and we will be happy to share our suggestions for fast growing trees that will fit perfectly into your existing landscape.

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