Three Things to Look out for when Checking the Health of your Trees

Spring is here, and it is probably a good idea to take stock of the trees and plants you have while you are in the process of adding new ones, but that means knowing what to look for. Trees in particular can be tricky, because even though these majestic plants seem to scrape the sky, there are a host of issues that can turn even the mightiest of oaks into a large firewood supply just waiting for the axe to fall. To help you in your efforts, we at the Parke Company put together a handy little guide of three things to look out for when caring for your trees.


According to the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center, it does not look like Nashville or most of middle Tennessee will be facing a drought this summer.  That is good news, but that doesn’t mean that gardeners and landscapers can forget about paying attention to the amount of water their trees receive. Too much water can lead to root rot or algae growth near the base of the tree, not something anyone wants to see. Not enough can lead to issues with the the leaves and stems, and an increased weakness to pests and diseases. Getting the water amount correct is essential for new trees, specifically saplings in their first two seasons, as they’re still trying to develop their roots. You want the soil to be moist, so that it dries soon afterwards. One thing to help with this is mulching, a service we at the Parke Company happily provide.


Insects are a major killer of trees, and one of the most difficult to deal with since they usually require extreme methods, such as removing the infected tree. In Tennessee, one of the most destructive insects is the Southern Pine Beetle, which feasts on, as you might expect, pine trees of all species. Although they tend to be found in large pine forests and federal reserves, due to the sheer number of trees for the little pests to feed on. Southern Pine Beetles are not the only pests that might be an issue for you, as Hardwood Borers, a number of species that bore into trees, are also a concern. These are just some of the insects that you might face, and while you can fight the bugs with chemicals and precisely-timed pheromones and other tricks, it can be daunting, which is why insect control is one of the services we offer at the Parke Company.


Everything gets sick and dies; that’s just a fact of the universe. It can be difficult to identify diseases in trees for those who don’t have the experience or really know what they are looking for. One surefire sign is discoloration in the leaves and in the twigs or large patches of death and decay. For most diseases, such as the various kinds of wilt and Anthracnose, these will be the most common signs.

During the springtime, when the leaves are still sprouting, is the best time to check to see if your trees have been infected any diseases. And if they have been, do not worry because the Parke Company is only a call away to help with any of your tree health needs.

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