4 Landscaping Resolutions for the New Year and How to Achieve Them

As we ring in 2023 and look forward to a fast-approaching spring, you might already be eying your next landscaping project for when things start to warm up. If you’re in the market for some ideas and how to set and implement goals for your lawn and landscaping this year, read on for some inspiration and recommendations.

Four Landscaping Resolutions For The New Year

1. Discover New, Sustainable Trends

Some landscaping trends of the past put a high emphasis on everything but what’s most important: the greenery. While your lawn may have been easier to maintain when it was edged with stone and mulch, you might want to reconsider that empty space.

Many gardening trends are focusing on a more symbiotic relationship with nature, meaning it’s best to think about what’s natural, and how that natural beauty can be improved and highlighted. Preserving as much of your yard’s natural topography is very important to the plants and animals that already call your land home. Of course, drainage issues, at-risk trees, and invasive species are all things you’ll still need to consider. Landscaping is about creating and preserving natural beauty, so anything that can be left alone or naturally enhanced is fair game.

If your landscaping goals are more maximalist, there’s still plenty you can do to accommodate nature. Some trends this year are focused on defining outdoor spaces, and incorporating metal into all aspects of landscaping. From planters to water features and garden sculptures, metal is very “in.” While it’s more costly than some other materials, metal is safe and durable for landscaping – it won’t harm your landscaping, and your landscaping won’t harm it (with proper maintenance). Longevity and recyclability are important to a lot of people, and metal provides both of those comforts.

Another sustainable trend that we’re seeing practiced is good for your lawn and the environment. Let’s face it, some of the more recent Summers in Nashville have been incredibly dry. Planting drought-tolerant plants that don’t require much water can help keep your water bills lower in the summer and ensure that your landscape stays green even if there hasn’t been much rainfall. And don’t panic – most drought-tolerant plants aren’t cacti or succulents. Many flowers and flowering plants like black-eyed susans and lavender don’t need much water to give your landscaping that pop of color.

2. Winter Cleaning

Cleaning your existing landscaping is important. Pressure-washing stones, water features, and other hard, non-vegetation surfaces can help maintain the beauty of your lawn. Chances are you’ve got some stray leaves from the fall sticking around. Clearing out sticks and leaves regularly (especially with winter windstorms) can make a huge difference. As you’re cleaning, make note of any areas where mulch may need refreshing. New mulch can help with irrigation and the general aesthetics of your lawn. Landscape maintenance changes with the season, but what you do (or don’t do) in the winter can make a big difference in the spring and summer.

3. Professional Pruning

Pruning your existing plants is a year-round effort, but it’s most critical for the health of your landscaping in the winter and early spring. Some pruning is easy enough. Culling older limbs from flowers and removing dead vegetation to allow for new growth are simple things you can do yourself. But not every pruning job is straightforward. Many flowers and plants can suffer from being over or under-pruned, and going in without the proper knowledge can prove harmful to your plants and your wallet.

When it comes to maintaining your trees, you’re going to need an arborist. An arborist can assess the overall health of all your trees, and determine what needs to be done in terms of pruning a tree. In the event that a removal or stump grinding is needed, an arborist is uniquely skilled in ensuring that the surrounding vegetation and landscape are kept safe during this maintenance. Arborists will also be able to safely remove deadwood, which is a huge risk to your home, vehicles, and landscaping. Arborists can also inventory the trees you currently have, and determine if additions should be made. While you may not always be in the market for several new saplings, you never know how they might improve your landscape and add to the natural beauty of your lawn.

4. Install New, More Efficient Features

The winter and spring are the perfect times to start thinking about what you can add to your landscaping to improve its natural beauty and durability. Adding a lawn irrigation system can simplify your watering routine, and prevent issues that can come from over or under-watering manually. While they may seem like a luxury, an irrigation system often actually saves money in the long run. With the advent of modern technology, home irrigation systems are the smartest they’ve ever been, handling a lot of the heavy lifting without your intervention.

Want to add something new to your landscaping to give it that unique charm you’re looking for? Hardscapes like walkways, pavers, walls, ponds, and masonry – as well as decor like lighting, water features, and tree hangers – can all greatly enhance how you (and others) experience your outdoor spaces.

Achieving Your Landscaping Resolutions with The Parke Company

2023 is going to be a great year for making your landscaping goals a reality. But it’s not easy to tackle all of these landscaping objectives on your own. That’s where The Parke Company can help.

Whether you want to add a new water feature, remove dead trees and plant new ones, or just get everything clean for the spring, we can do it all. The Parke Company is committed to providing landscaping services to Nashville and Middle Tennessee, for needs both big and small. We offer year-round landscape maintenance programs that include leaf removal, mulching, and other services aimed at meeting your needs and refreshing your property. Our focus on sustainability, preservation, and your unique landscaping needs is the pride of the Parke Company. If you’re wondering: who offers landscape installation near me? No matter what your landscaping plans are for the new year, you can count on us.

If you’re ready to take the next step and be proactive with your landscape maintenance and improvement this winter, give us a call at The Parke Company today.

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