How Full Service Landscaping Can Protect Your Yard and Vegetation All Winter Long

The harshness of winter can be difficult on any landscape. Harsh, subfreezing temperatures and occasional bouts with snow or ice can make living plants weak, brittle, and more susceptible to damage. High winds and other environmental challenges can further weaken the vitality of living greenery and make them more susceptible to threats like disease and fungal infections.

To keep lawns and landscapes in Nashville and Middle Tennessee healthy, vibrant, and robust all year long, homeowners should plan ahead for winter weather. It is essential to perform proper preparation before the snow falls or temperatures plummet so that plants are better able to handle whatever mother nature throws their way throughout the cold months of winter.

Proper preparation can minimize the weather’s damaging impact on your little piece of heaven and make it more likely that your lawn and landscape will survive the winter season in top condition. It is also important to ensure you are equipped with the proper tools for addressing issues that might arise during the cold months, such as fallen branches or heavy ice accumulation on tree limbs. A full service landscaping company like The Parke Company can help you put together a plan for keeping your yard in tip-top shape all winter long.

Challenges Landscapes Face During Winter

The harshness of winter can be particularly challenging for the lawns, landscapes, and trees that often surround our homes. Here are some of the challenges that your Nashville and Middle Tennessee home is likely to face during winter:

  • Temperature extremes can harm living plants and cause foliage to wilt and die.
  • Freezing temperatures can also cause snow to accumulate in large sheets, making trees and shrubs susceptible to damage from heavy ice sheets.
  • Ice sheets often accumulate on tree canopies, weighing them down and creating a threat of breakage or collapse.
  • High winds often accompany winter weather. These high winds can damage trees and shrubs.
  • Poor drainage on your property exacerbates the problems frostbitten plants may face during winter’s harshest days.
  • Snow and ice can also clog up your gutters, making it difficult for excess water to escape and create puddles in lawns and gardens.
  • Ice sheets forming on your plants suffocate them and make them more susceptible to damage by bacteria and fungi.
  • This is not just an issue for your lawn; frostbitten plants also pose a dangerous threat to the health of your trees and shrubs. Yellowed, unhealthy, or diseased foliage can decrease the overall health of your greenery.

Nevertheless, many homeowners have been able to avoid the dangers and damage that winter can create for landscaping by taking the proper steps in advance.

Services that Protect Landscapes During Winter

What do landscapers do in the winter? To protect your greenery from winter’s harsh elements, it is important to be prepared in advance. Here are the landscaping services you can expect from The Parke Company:

  1. Hard Pruning

Hard pruning is an essential part of protecting your plants from winter damage. This process involves cutting off dead or diseased leaves and stems that could further harm your greenery by harboring bacteria, fungi, and other harmful elements. Winter is the ideal time to hard prune your plants since most are dormant. This will also create space for new healthy branches to spring up to replace damaged foliage.

Our full service landscaping services include hard pruning clients’ plants before winter, so they are already hardy enough to handle whatever mother nature may throw their way in the coming weeks and months.

  1. Protecting Living Plants from Ice Damage

During winter, ice can form on the foliage of your trees and shrubs. Even light snowfall can create a heavy ice sheet that can weigh down your greenery and make it more vulnerable to damage from high winds or other environmental challenges. No matter how light the snowfall may be, it can still form an icy layer on trees, impairing their ability to take up water and transport nutrients on which they depend for survival.

The Parke Company can help you protect your plants from ice damage. We will be sure that your plants are healthy and equipped with the tools they need to endure the cold season in tip-top shape.

  1. Ensuring Continual Drainage

Maintaining the drainage flow in your winter landscape is just as important for your greenery as it is for the pipes and drains in your home. Trees, plants, and other vegetation are subject to waterlogging if they are not well-drained. Waterlogged greenery is more susceptible to root infection, fungus, and more.

We ensure that our clients’ landscapes have proper levels of drainage so that you can avoid problems with fungi and disease during winter months. One way to do this is by chipping away at the roots of trees and shrubs to create more space for water drainage and reduce the burden on plants’ root systems, which are often weakened by the winter season.

  1. Weed Removal

Trees and shrubs in residential landscapes can often harbor a host of weeds and pests, which are especially detrimental during winter. These unwelcome plants can take up valuable space in your yard and make it more of a challenge to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your landscape design. Thriving weeds also contribute to the decay of foliage’s health, posing an additional threat to your greenery.

  1. Disease Management

Diseases can take a heavy toll on plants during winter. Diseases are often spread by certain insects, such as caterpillars and moths. Small mammals such as rabbits and groundhogs also help spread diseases to plants in yards.

To protect your greenery from diseases, we scout every tree on the property for potential infection. We will also take steps to quickly remove any infected plants from our clients’ landscapes to prevent the spread of deadly diseases.

Benefits of Having One Provider Do it All

As an all-inclusive landscaping company, The Parke Company provides sustainable, effective, and efficient services to clients throughout the greater Nashville and Middle Tennessee areas. You can avoid many dangers your lawn and plants may face during winter by contracting The Parke Company to take care of your landscaping needs.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider The Parke Company for your landscaping needs during winter:

  • The Parke Company provides a professional assessment from every angle and for every season. This allows us to fully understand your specific needs, helping us serve you better as we take care of your greenery throughout the year.
  • We can protect your plants in other ways besides just cutting them back. We can help you eliminate disease and pests, as well as re-vegetate your yard in ways that will make it more visually appealing.
  • The Parke Company’s team of landscaping experts can be relied on for guidance regarding a myriad of landscape design options, from turning your yard into a natural wildflower meadow to enhancing the beauty of your property by integrating deciduous trees and shrubs into your landscape design.
  • We can ensure that your plants are in the best condition possible. We can help you establish a healthy and natural ecosystem with plants that will thrive regardless of the conditions imposed on them.
  • We are available 24/7, so we can reach you at any time throughout the year. Our company is also equipped with snow blowers, tractors, snow plows, and many other heavy-duty machines that can help us protect your landscape when needed.
  • We can help you plan a landscape design and custom-fit it for your property, ensuring that it is functional and aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, we can create a sustainable, eco-friendly design that lets you enjoy nature at its best.
  • We offer affordable pricing to help make the most of your budget. Our pricing is based on the amount of work involved in taking care of your landscape rather than on the number of services provided. When you work with The Parke Company, you can avoid feeling overwhelmed by an overpriced quote.

Call us today at 615-350-6033 to schedule your winter landscape maintenance session. We’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation and estimate to help you decide whether our services are right for your landscaping needs.

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