What Professional Landscaping Services You Can Implement During a Nashville Winter

Have you ever wondered what landscapers do in the winter? Here’s a hint: they landscape!

While it may seem like most of the world shuts down and outdoor activities are suspended from December to April, professional landscaping services do not take a winter vacation.

If you want a beautiful landscape in the spring, it is critical to prioritize winter landscaping.

With a cold winter in full swing, now is the time to hire landscaping services to care for your property all year round. If you are looking for winter landscaping ideas, here are just a few of the services offered by The Parke Company.

Why You Need Professional Landscapers


Contrary to popular belief, even if a particular plant cannot survive the conditions of winter, it doesn’t mean that your garden is a lost cause for a few months out of the year.

The gardening practice known as overwintering is a perfect way to care for and preserve the life of your plants year round, even when Mother Nature turns her back on your garden.

Typically, overwintering your garden plants involves carefully removing them from the soil, replanting them into new soil in a planter or container indoors, and caring for them in a garage or basement where temperatures will not actively harm your plants.

To avoid killing your plants in the process of uprooting and transferring them, contact a landscaping professional to learn how to safely remove them from their soil.

Or better yet, just let the experts do the dirty work for you.

Irrigation System Care

An irrigation system can be a great asset for property owners who value the precise care of their garden – or those who just want a hands-off way to care for their lawn.

In the winter, however, irrigation systems can become more of a headache and a danger than a helpful part of your home.

If you’ve ever had a pipe in your home freeze, then you know how dangerous it could be for your irrigation system to get too cold in the winter.

In Nashville, while snow and freezing temperatures can certainly be a reality, even mild temperatures require irrigation system care.

In the winter months, levels of precipitation can change drastically, which means that you will need to adjust your irrigation system to avoid too much or too little watering that can lead to the ruination of your winter landscape.

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Overwintering and irrigation system maintenance are just two of the many landscaping services that can save you from having to do a complete overhaul of your property’s landscape when spring comes around again.

Don’t let another winter go by without contacting the experts to care for your lawn and garden.

From leaf removal to landscape installations, The Parke Company’s experienced professionals are ready to develop a landscaping plan that works for your property and your budget. For this and year-round landscaping tips, give us a call at (615-350-6033) or contact us online today to see how The Parke Company difference can work for you.