Witness Tree Inducted in Tennessee Registry with Parke Co. Help

buroak_witnesstree_parkecompanyHistory doesn’t just exist in the books we read, but in the living objects around us. That is why the Parke Company likes to take on a different type of tree service when they can. They like to take time to reflect on the historic trees of our city of Nashville. Ages old and years wise, these trees have seen the state of Tennessee in its worst moments and its greatest. Take the Witness Tree for example. Like its name, this bur oak has existed in Davidson County long enough to witness buffalo make their way to the Great French Lick by the ancient buffalo trail, to the present as it stands proudly over the ninth tee at the Richland Country Club.

A few weeks ago, the Richland Witness Tree was inducted into the Tennessee Landmark and Historic Tree Registry with the Parke Company’s help. Though it took several months to process this ordeal with applications, photos, site visits, measurements and much more paperwork, it was all worth it in the end to preserve and honor such a majestic tree.

According to the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council, this tree has seen Native American hunters use its branches for shelter; witnessed Andrew Jackson and John Overton pass through Nashville to Franklin; and watched the construction of the Granny White Turnpike. Most notably, the bur oak witnessed the Battle of the Barricade in 1864 as a part of the Battle of Nashville where many men lost their lives.

As the Parke Company continues to provide tree service throughout Middle Tennessee for their customers, they never forget the importance of preserving the historical trees of our region. Now, this historic tree can forever be cherished as golfers stand under its branches for shelter and shade. The Parke Company is heavily involved in the application process as well as the upkeep and health care after. For more information about the Witness Tree and other landmark and historic trees in the Tennessee registry, visit their website.

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