Why Bag Leaf Removal Is Important

As the temperatures begin to fall, you may be hanging up your gardening gloves. But your landscaping services are far from over as the fall season rolls in. While lawn mowing is important for almost every season, there is one more thing to take care of before snow or ice take over your property: leaf removal!

Spending hours in your yard raking up leaves, filling leaf bags, and hauling them to the curb is a big task, but removing the leaves from your yard is one of the best things you can do to promote a healthy landscape over the fall and winter to set yourself up for a healthy lawn in spring.

Here is why bag leaf removal is essential for your yard.

Benefits of Fall Leaf Removal

Disease Management

While it may be enticing to let winter take over and let the leaves fall where they may, this can lead to disaster in the months to come. When leaves fall on your lawn, those dead leaves can harbor disease and rot that get trapped under the leaf for the season.

With the moisture that lies trapped between layers of snow and leaves, more disease and mold can develop and spread over the winter, leaving you with a damaged lawn when the snow melts. When spring finally arrives, the difference between a healthy, vibrant lawn is leaf collection before the snow falls.

Lawn Health

Especially if your lawn is going to be blanketed in snow soon, it is crucial that you allow your lawn to “breathe” so it maintains as much health as possible. Wet, heavy leaves can weigh down your lawn and prevent nutrients from entering into the soil. Aside from the obvious dangers of diseased or moldy leaves transmitting their illness to the rest of your lawn, leaves that are left over winter can leave massive bleach spots on your lawn.

Save yourself the trouble of a huge lawn improvement project when spring comes around through leaf raking in the fall. Not only will you save your lawn from disease, mold, or unattractive sun spots, leaf raking and removal also keeps your lawn tidy and organized at times while the other aspects of your landscape may be lying dormant.

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When the spring comes around, let your focus be on building a beautiful garden and preparing for the new seasons. Avoid the pitfalls of untended leaves through leaf removal services from The Parke Company.

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