When Should You Prune?

As summer begins, property owners across the globe are dusting off their gardening equipment and heading out into their yards. Just like getting your hair trimmed is important for encouraging growth, pruning your shrubs, trees, and bushes is a vital part of a healthy, thriving garden.

All gardening practices take precision and care to be completed correctly, and pruning is no different. But it doesn’t take a gardening professional to prune the right way– check out these tips on when to prune from The Parke Company!

What to Know About Pruning Plants

Preparation and Purpose

According to experts, the right time to prune depends on a number of factors. The purpose of pruning can influence when you should prune. If you plan to prune because of dead limbs and branches, this type of pruning can be completed at any time. It is critical to rid your plants of any dead or dying limbs since these may carry diseases that could spread to the rest of your plants.

To prepare for any pruning jobs this summer, always conduct a quick survey of the plants on your property to check for any dead or dying limbs– these should always take first priority and can be trimmed regardless of the season.

Pruning can also be used to prevent diseases from spreading where they are not yet present. For example, some trees, like oak trees, should be pruned when the trees are dormant in winter. This practice prevents dangerous oak wilt from spreading in the spring and summer when trees are blooming.

This is often the case for trees. Heavy pruning should be conducted in the winter when the tree is dormant, while light pruning can be conducted in the spring. Most flowering shrubs should be pruned approximately two weeks after flowering. Pruning before or after this time period runs the risk of reducing or completely eliminating flower displays, according to the experts at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

When to prune your property’s specific shrubs or plants depends largely on the time in which they bloom. If your shrubs are spring-flowering, they should be pruned immediately after flowering. If they are summer-flowering, they should be trimmed in late winter or early spring to anticipate the summer blooming.

It is crucial that you prune your landscape and that you perform the pruning at the appropriate time. This is one of the simplest and most effective ways to prevent the spread of disease throughout your landscape and simultaneously improve the aesthetic quality of your plants and shrubs.

If you’re not sure when exactly your plants bloom, don’t run the risk of eliminating flower displays by guessing. Hiring the right landscaping services is critical to evaluating your landscape and performing pruning the right way.

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