Three Reasons Why You Should Work for the Parke Company

There are so many great reasons why working for Parke is a wonderful experience; it’s hard to name just a few. From taking care of beautiful landscapes and tree service to working for them as an arborist climbing trees, the benefits are endless. But whatever you choose to do, if you live in the Nashville area, being a part of our team is one of the best career moves arborists and landscape specialists can make. So if you are an arborist (or even someone looking for a career change and have no experience in trees and landscape), look no further than our team at the Parke Company.

Here are just a few reasons to get you started:

A career, not a job
Our employees do not just have jobs, but they have careers. Our arborists have been climbing trees since they were kids, but now do it as a profession. Whether you are already experienced in the field or have only climbed trees in your childhood, we encourage and want them to succeed. We have had arborists working with us for over ten years. This is just an example of how our employees grow professionally within our business and in the landscape and tree service field as a whole.

Teamwork and loyalty
Teamwork is crucial in this job. Whether you are installing an irrigation system or climbing trees for a maintenance service, the job requires good communication, planning and trust in teammates. These factors not only ensure the job is done safely, but also efficiently and well. In addition, our team of arborists look out for one another. Loyalty to each other not only improves the overall quality in our work, but creates a positive experience for clients and employees alike.

Positive work environment
It’s often understood that a main factor for a good career is a positive work environment. Sometimes, it can be a deciding factor in leaving or staying in a job. Parke knows the importance that happiness plays in its employee retention, and the management team at the Parke Company works diligently to ensure a positive work experience. In addition, our team always encourages feedback. It doesn’t matter if it’s positive or negative feedback, as long as our employees are working with us and communicating with us, our company and the services we offer our clients will constantly improve.

If you are interested in working with our team of arborists, or if you’d like more information about landscape positions, contact us today to apply. Open positions include lawn service as well as irrigation and landscape design. If you are not in the market for a new career change, but you are in the market for landscape or tree services, contact our crew for more information today!