Three Reasons Why You Need a Rain Garden

Parke-Company-tree-service-of-nashville-Three-Reasons-Why-You-Need-a-Rain-GardenIf you’ve lived in Nashville long, you know severe summer storms are a prevalent issue for residents. Lightning damage, flash flooding and strong winds can all cause damage to people’s property around Middle Tennessee. And while the Parke Company can assist in emergency maintenance matters such as fallen trees, we can also help in preventative measures.

New regulations in the Nashville area are now calling for stormwater rules that alleviate stormwater issues and actually help the neighborhood you live in. And while there are many options available for these guidelines, one of the most popular choices is rain gardens. These beautiful little flower gardens can do wonders for the nearby watersheds, creeks and even trees. These gardens collect water runoff during storms and filter it.

Not sure whether a rain garden is the way to go? These gardens are easy to build and can go in a variety of areas on your landscape, even near trees! But don’t worry if you don’t have the time to build one; Parke is here to help. Rain gardens are typically eight to ten inches deep. They resemble bowls with flat bottoms, and are essentially scooped-out flower beds. Once the bed is filled, a percolation test will be completed to determine the absorption rate of the soil. If the speed of the soil absorption isn’t quite right, our landscape experts can amend the soil for you until it is. Once the soil is right, our team will plant the garden with your choice of native perennials for you to enjoy all season long. So why should you install a rain garden in your landscape, anyway? Well, here are a few reasons:

Provides clean water and promotes local ecosystem

If you love your community in Nashville as much as we do, then you probably want to do what you can to promote a healthy, local ecosystem. Having a rain garden not only provides clean water, but it also encourages the local ecosystem to thrive. Think of the air, water, trees, bees and other critters that use flower beds for their livelihoods.

Alleviates flooding during storms
Believe it or not, rain gardens are great ways to monitor flooding during a storm. If you have one of these flower beds on your landscape, no need to worry about all your trees or irrigation systems flooding. The garden filters the rainwater through the soil and refills local watersheds effectively without causing harm to areas around it.

Makes your landscape beautiful
Flower beds make beautiful elements to your landscape. You can add a variety of Nashville native flowers to give your garden an eye-popping look. Surround the garden with trees or shrubs and bushes. Be creative with it! If you need inspiration, call Parke for help. They can recommend where to install and what flowers go best in the garden.

Our team of landscape experts can design and construct your rain garden so you don’t have to. These gardens are easy to maintain and are great compliments to the rest of your trees and landscape. From rain gardens to irrigation systems to removing trees, our team of arborist and landscape professionals can help deliver exactly what you and your landscape needs. Interested in learning more about rain gardens and other water systems for your newly regulated property? Contact our crew today. We also have tree services by certified arborists for any necessary tree work you might need. Contact one of our team members today for more information!

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