Be Prepared: Tips for Emergency Preparedness with the Parke Company

Severe weather plagues many states all around America, especially here in Tennessee. All types of severe weather can be an issue, but storms are most common this time of year. Tornadoes, thunderstorms and flash floods are all elements that can cause detrimental damage. That’s why it’s important to be informed and properly prepared for any possible severe storm that might enter the Middle Tennessee area. Bad weather patterns can change and arrive unexpectedly.

Of course, there are many great tips to consider and implement in your daily life when it comes to severe storms. From ensuring your trees are sturdy to keeping an emergency kit on hand, there are many ways to be prepared for a storm near your home.

Here are a handful of tips to keep in mind for this severe weather season:

  1. Develop a disaster plan with family. This is a crucial step in avoiding panic and anxiety in an already high-stress situation. Discuss a safety plan with your immediate family members in case you are separated in the event of a storm. Decide on safe meeting spots and plan on asking extended family members/friends where you might stay if you can’t get home. Also, be sure to discuss viable options and safety measures if you or a family member is stranded on a roadway.
  2. Check weather daily. Storms can pop up out of nowhere so it’s important to always have an eye on the storm. If one does approach, check local news (e.g. WSMV and WKRN) for updates.
  3. Check trees for stability. This is a major service that is often overlooked. If your trees do not receive routine tree service care, there’s a real threat of fallen limbs and the collapse of entire trees. Fallen trees can cause major destruction including damage to property as well as roadblocks if they land in the middle of roadways. The Parke Company’s team of arborists can come out and check your trees and landscape to make sure they’re healthy and sturdy.
  4. Prepare an emergency preparedness kit. Keep one in your house and in your car. Having an emergency preparedness kit handy is great in case you’re stranded in areas for an extended period of time due to a storm or a fallen tree in the road. Fill the kit with blankets, water, non-perishable food and other items you might deem necessary.
  5. Keep the Parke Company number and other emergency service numbers handy. Have a list of all your emergency contacts on hand. The Parke Company is an important number to have on that list in case a tree does fall and an arborist is needed. In case you forget, our number is listed at the very top of our site and if pressed on a mobile device will immediately call our company. Be sure to also have other important local numbers in case something goes wrong. Examples include Nashville Electric Service (NES) and Metro Water Services.

The Middle Tennessee area can get a lot of finicky weather so it’s important to stay prepared. The spring is especially true for dramatic changes in temperature. A late freeze can arrive one morning; a severe tornado and thunderstorm watch the next. Your landscape and trees usually take the brunt of this unpredictable season.

If your trees need a health check-up, call the arborists at Parke. If your landscape floods and you need repair work, the landscape crew at Parke can help with that. Parke has a variety of services available at your disposal, so be sure to take advantage. For emergency tree care services, contact Parke immediately for assistance.