Three Reasons Why Transplanting Trees is Best in the Fall

parke-company-tree-service-of-nashville-three-reasons-why-transplanting-trees-is-best-in-the-fallThough it might seem like as the weather cools off, the planting, landscape and gardening is over. But that’s not necessarily true. The fall is actually the best time in Middle Tennessee to transplant trees and shrubs should you need to. There are many reasons why you might want to transplant a tree or shrub. It could be for landscape design reasons, or a tree care issue. Either way, our arborists can easily and efficiently transplant your trees and the best time of year to do it, so schedule now!

But why is this the the fall the best time to relocate a tree? As the leaves begin to fall from the trees and flower beds begin to frost over and die, it almost seems counterintuitive to move a tree or a shrub from its original location. However, there are a few very distinct reasons why moving trees in the fall is the best time of year. Here are three:

Like some other plants, trees start to prepare for dormancy for the winter right about this time of year. The trees begin to reserve their energy and conserve it to the roots. This keeps the trees from having to expel much energy to their branches and their leaves. This is one of the biggest reasons why our arborists suggest moving the tree or shrub. The fall time seems seems to best time.

Sometimes when transplanting trees, it might lose parts of its roots when it gets dug up. Transplanting the tree when the soil is still nutritious and warn allows the roots to repair before the springtime. In addition, you want to transplant the tree when the soil is still warm and the ground hasn’t yet frozen over. Trying to transplant a tree in the middle of the winter, even if it is in Nashville, can be a fruitless adventure.

When transplanting a tree, the cooler air is kinder to the branches and foliage than the summer humidity and heat. This in turn doesn’t cause shock to the entire plant when it’s been uprooted. Transplanting a tree or a shrub in the middle of a Tennessee summer can be detrimental. Waiting until the air cools off a bit is your best bet for a healthy and happy tree.

Transplanting a tree, especially a matured tree, can be a tricky project. Though you might want to transplant the tree yourself, depending on the complexity of the tree and the size, we strongly recommend contacting one of our specialized arborists for the job. Thankfully, we have a team of experienced and certified arborists who can remove the tree and plant it where it will look most aesthetically pleasing and flourish for years to come.

If you want to learn more about our services, specifically the tree care services that our arborists provide, give us a call today! We provide emergency tree care services as well as tree care maintenance within the Middle Tennessee area. There’s not reason your tree and its branches can’t look great all year long. Contact us now for more information!

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