Readying Your Landscaping for the Holidays

Even the biggest grinch can get a little joy out of holiday decor. For most of us, trimming the windows with garland and catching the glint of light reflecting off Christmas ornaments provides the kind of warm nostalgia we all need after the tough year that 2020 has been.

While preparing your home for the holidays typically means cranking up the heat and dusting off old boxes of ornaments, being ready for winter involves a lot more than just your home’s interior.

How to Get Your Yard Ready for the Holidays


Like its name suggests, overwintering is what you do to keep your plants and landscape healthy over the winter. Overwintering involves trimming back your landscape and doing a little digging. Depending on the plant, some can be overwintered by digging up the bulbs and storing them inside to replant in the spring. Many other plants can also be transplanted to a pot and brought indoors where they can absorb sunlight and avoid frost. When overwintering, it is critical to keep plants away from too much heat that may cause them to dry out.


Cutbacks are also a part of preparing your landscape for winter. During the colder months, you can anticipate that your shrubs and bushes are likely to die away. Without cutbacks, however, you may find yourself with a big mess when spring comes around.

When taller plants are buried under layers of snow, dead leaves and shrubbery can trap moisture. Over time, that moisture build up can lead to mold and other damage that can infect your plants and spread disease.

The simple way to prepare your shrubs and bushes for the holiday season is by hiring landscaping services to complete the necessary cutbacks in your yard. Leave this one up to the experts. Cutting back too much will leave you with unusable stumps when spring comes around.

Leaf Raking

Leaf raking is one of the few landscaping chores that you may be able to swindle your kids into helping you with (as long as they get to jump in the piles). Getting rid of leaves is more than just an aesthetic choice for the fall and winter. Much like cutbacks, leaf raking prevents the kind of damage that can result from leaves sitting under layers of snow for a few months. Trapped under snow, moisture, and mold can build up and spread disease over your lawn. When the spring comes around and snow melts, you’ll be in a world of hurt when it comes to lawn care.

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