Preparing for Winter Storms in Middle Tennessee

Unfortunately, winter storms are unavoidable. Yes, even in Middle Tennessee and the Nashville area, things can get frigid. Below freezing temperatures, snow and ice are all real possibilities and should be taken into consideration when preparing for severe weather.

And just like you turn your faucets on drip to avoid bursting water pipes, preventative measures are necessary for your trees too. Keeping your tree care up to date through the winter months can take a bit of time and money, but calling the Parke Company will prevent greater losses and keep your property and family safe.

Here are some things to do now in order to prepare for any dangerous storms that might come our way this season:

  1. Remove Deadwood and loose branches to create better airflow. This is beneficial for high wind storms that could cause deadwood or branches to fly off trees and cause damage to houses or cars.
  2. Pruning trees keep trees strong through any possible ice storms. If trees have too many branches, both dead or living, it’s important to prune to improve airflow and keep the tree branches from holding too much ice.
  3. Brush removal is important, especially in ice storms. Even though it might seem like no big deal, vines, brush or weeds should be removed from trees to avoid ice weighing the tree down.
  4. Consult with the Parke Company about any trees or hazards that might be leaning toward your home or other buildings. If strong storms come through that weigh the trees down, things could turn dangerous. For example, The Parke Company recently removed a dead, unsafe tree off Hillsboro Pike on the border of Davidson and Williamson county. If this tree hasn’t been removed promptly, it could’ve been hazardous for drivers passing by.

Emergency tree service is always available at The Parke Company, but taking these few precautions now can avoid headaches and damage in the future. Please remember how important it is to hire professionals to do the work, instead of attempting to do it yourself. Not only is this for safety reasons, it’s also less hassle for you! The team is certified and insured for this kind of work.  The Parke Company is always available for free advice and a free estimate if you’re unsure how to begin. For more information about tree care within the Nashville area, visit their website or call them today!