Planning for the Cold Months with the Parke Company

Even though Nashville’s temperatures are still in the high 80s and 90s, it’s time to consider planning for the cooler months and how that might affect your trees and landscape. Even with school back in session and Titans football season starting, it’s more reason to let your landscape and tree care go on the back burner, but don’t let it! Call the Parke Company so you don’t fall behind on your tree care and lawn care needs. Depending on the project, the Parke Company requires preparation and advanced scheduling for projects. Not only does this ensure the job is done correctly, but safely. This is why prepping for fall now is a crucial step in ensuring your landscape, lawns and trees are treated and cared for before the freezing temperatures set in.

If your residence or commercial property needs maintenance, here are a few things to consider to ensure you’re getting them done in plenty of time:

Even though trees go dormant in the winter, that doesn’t mean they should be neglected. To avoid damage during ice and snow storms, have branches checked for stability by certified arborists at Parke. Other important projects completed by Parke are healthcare checkups, crown thinning, tree transplants, tree removal and many others. These projects take time and thorough planning before they can be completed. This ensures the safety of Parke’s arborists as well as the safety of the tree.

Mulching and debris pickup are other popular services for the Parke Company in the autumn and winter. As the leaves on trees begin to fall, removing them is just another chore you don’t want to have to deal with on a Football Sunday. If you have a stumps or dead trees, chipping and grinding is an option. In addition, landscapes  and gardens will need to be prepped and covered before the cold sets in. If you’ve got a large property with a lot of landscape, call the Parke Company to ensure you are good to go before the first snow.

These services are really important to complete before the colder months because it raises any red flags that could be potentially harmful later on. In addition, some services require a lot of prepping before the project can start, like the video below shows. Parke will monitor for damage or disease and set a plan in place for your trees and landscape to live for years to come.

And tree care and landscape aren’t the only things to consider. It’s never too early to call Parke to schedule a consultation for holiday decorating!  The team will work with both residential and commercial areas all around Nashville and the Middle Tennessee area. For landscape and tree information, contact a certified arborist or a landscape specialist today!