How to Change My Garden With the Seasonal Changes

Watching the landscape change is a beautiful thing. Whether it is the leaves changing color, snow melting away, or trees going dormant for winter, there is a special beauty to the cycles of the environment. In your own garden, you may not have realized just how much you can capitalize on the changing of the seasons.

Ways to Change Your Garden with the Seasonal Changes

Choosing Plants

Even if your gardening skills are limited, most people have heard of plants called perennials and annuals. These types of plants are named for the ways in which they grow throughout the year.

Perennials get their name from their ability to regrow in the spring for up to three seasons. Typically, gardeners will plant these in the fall to see beautiful growth in the spring.

Annuals only live for one season, but their blooming period is significantly long. Some plants can even be biennials, which means that they grow for two seasons, but do not bloom until the second year. Choosing plants based on their growing season can be a great way to flow with the natural cycles of the earth.

Furthermore, if you are an advanced gardener, you may also look into the growing seasons for various produce if you have a fruit or vegetable garden. Depending on your region, you may be able to capitalize on the changing environment and enjoy a variety of seasonal vegetables all year long.


Adapting to the changing seasons means protecting certain plants from the elements. In some climates, the warm and moist conditions may make gardens a year-round dream, but in the regions of the country that experience cold, dry seasons, not all of your landscape will survive the whole year.

Overwintering is the process many property owners and landscape designers in Nashville, TN, choose to protect their landscapes. It involves taking a plant from its place in your landscape when the conditions are suboptimal and keeping them in a place with an ideal climate for the season, like a garage or basement. This way, you can protect your plants from harsh cold or snow and keep your beautiful plants growing for the next season.

Overwintering is the landscaping service that can actually help you to save money on landscaping and reduce the number of new plants you will have to buy the next season.

Irrigation Systems

Watering your lawn and garden is a deceptively tricky task. While it may seem as simple as turning on a sprinkler, there is a lot involved in properly watering your landscape. Too much water results in flooded patches and sky-high energy bills. Not enough water will leave your lawn dead and brown.

The best way to avoid either of these scenarios is through having irrigation system installation or irrigation repair. Irrigation systems take the guesswork out of adapting your gardening practices with the changing of the seasons. Your landscaping professionals can help you adjust your irrigation system to respond appropriately to dry spells and inclement weather to keep your property beautiful all year long.

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