Getting Ready for Snow: How You Can Prepare

As anyone living in the Nashville area can tell you after the weather middle Tennessee received this week (or anyone who watches Game of Thrones),  winter is coming. It might not last for very long, and there might not be a lot of snowfall, but it will arrive before you know it, leading to a bit of chaos for your home or business and the surrounding roads. It can make keeping up your lawn difficult as well, as snow and salt and ice tend to absorb the pollution from the air and other places, turning into a black and grey slush, instead of the white pristine wonderland from our imagination. Luckily, we here at the Parke Company are used to dealing with everything old Mr. Winter has to throw at us, which is why we are the perfect people to help you through this trying time.  

With that in mind, here are some ways The Parke Company can make your life easier come this winter.

Snow, Let it Go

The main thing the Parke Company can do that will help you out of a bit of a jam is our snow removal services, just one of the many municipal services offered by the company. It is important to remove snow from places that are hindering business, or in some extreme cases, where it is harmful to your health. The longer it sits, the more difficult it becomes to remove. Snow on the road is dangerous for drivers, and it makes it difficult for workers to get to their place of employment – all reasons to get it removed from the roads. Of course, in this climate you also run the risk of the snow melting on places like sidewalks, turning to ice and becoming a potential health hazard or lawsuit waiting to happen. Let the Parke Company ease your mind by removing the snow.

Weighing You Down

Contrary to popular belief, snow actually does have some positive benefits for your lawn. When the snow falls is the perfect time to seed your garden, if you have not done so already. So if there are patchy areas that need tender love and attention, maybe wait for the first snowfall to act as a security blanket, protecting the seedlings from their natural enemy, birds. Of course, the flipside to this is that you risk damaging the blades of grass by stepping on them. The additional weight added by the snow can sometimes damage the entire root system, so it is something best left to the professionals. Extra weight is also why, if you have trees, you should investigate if they need trimming and pruning. The extra weight added by a new snowfall can be disastrous, causing easily avoidable damage.  

A fresh snowfall is one of the best looking things that pops up in nature, but is can lead to a lot of damage and destruction if left unchecked, like when it blocks important roadways or sidewalks, or when it lands on unsuspecting trees. So the first time you see the snowflakes starting to fall, make sure you have the number for the Parke Company handy.

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