DIY Vs. Hiring an Arborist

Between taking up new hobbies, attempting to bake sourdough, and tackling home improvement tasks, people are taking on more DIY projects than ever.

While the gratification of doing it yourself may be wonderful, it can often come after a number of failed attempts. Even the most skilled jack of all trades has a pile of failed projects stacking up in their shed or utility room. When it comes to landscape services, not everyone wants to pay for things like lawn mowing or gardening, which can be simple tasks if you’re up for some manual labor. Even so, some tasks like tree trimming and tree removal, will give you a lot more trouble if you try to do it without help.

You may be weighing the cost of hiring certified arborist services, but you’ll quickly see how vital an arborist is to your tree and landscape health. Here are some pros and cons of hiring an arborist over a DIY project.

Pros and Cons of DIY Vs. Hiring an Arborist


If you have trees in your yard, you know that they can either be a great source of joy or a huge headache. Trees can be a lot of fun for kids who like to climb, hang hammocks, or build tree houses. Trees are an integral part of the ecosystem, providing vital oxygen, creating a natural barrier for privacy, and lending shade to your home to reduce electric bills during the warmer months.

At the same time, for homeowners, unhealthy trees can also bring a lot of anxiety.

A dead or dying tree can block your view of the street and drop pesky leaves on your lawn. What’s more, a damaged tree is at risk for falling and causing serious damage to your home or family.

While you may be able to estimate roughly the needs of the trees on your property, the untrained eye is not skilled enough to pre-empt disaster. A certified arborist, like the professionals at The Parke Company, are trained to notice the signs of a tree near the end of its life.

One benefit of hiring an arborist is avoiding the danger of leaving a damaged tree untreated and even if you do notice the damage in time, only a trained arborist has the skills and equipment to safely treat or remove a damaged tree without causing any more damage.

While the initial cost of hiring an arborist may seem higher, many forget to calculate the cost of heavy equipment necessary to complete the DIY projects. This is machinery you are unlikely to use for anything else around the house. Ultimately, the money you tried to save by doing the project yourself will be spent on tools and equipment that goes to rust in your garage after your project is finished.

Beyond that, avoiding the cost of a fallen tree from a project gone awry should always be prioritized– for your wallet and for safety.


The cons of hiring an arborist are similar to the drawbacks of hiring any services you may technically be able to accomplish on your own.

Just like you may be able to watch a YouTube tutorial to repair your car, it is possible, but potentially dangerous to complete tree maintenance on your own. Hiring an arborist may be an inconvenience by taking up space in your yard, but the overall benefits of hiring a professional are well worth the temporary mess.

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