Canopy Raising: What Is it and Why Do You Need It?

When it comes to tree maintenance, it can often feel like your options are limited. Unlike gardens and other plant beds that can easily be planted, uprooted, trimmed back, etc. all in one season, trees take years to grow to their full height and tree removal can be a complex and costly process. There is, however, one thing you can change in your landscape design when it comes to trees: canopy raising.

What to Know About Canopy Raising

What Is Canopy Raising?

Typically, when you think of landscaping maintenance for trees, you think of trimming branches, leaf raking, or complete tree removal. Canopy raising is a lot like tree trimming, but with intention.

In simple terms, your trees’ “canopy” is the coverage provided by the tree tops and branches. Also known as thinning, canopy raising is simply the process of cutting back lower branches to literally raise the height of your trees’ canopy. These cuts are typically made at regular intervals to prevent large lower branches from growing into the trees’ canopy.

Why Is it Necessary?

Canopy raising is about a lot more than just aesthetic improvement. Depending on where the trees are located, canopy raising can drastically improve the health of nearby plants and the safety of civilians. Trees with a low canopy can often block the sun from plants at the ground level. Without pruning, these plants will not get the sun they need to flourish and will wither away soon enough.

By raising the canopy of your trees, you can literally shed light on plants beneath your trees and keep them from dying. Heavy and low tree branches can also be a significant safety hazard. In the event of strong winds or a bad storm, these untrimmed branches are at risk for causing damage to homes or people nearby if they fall from the tree.

In urban as well as suburban or rural areas, low tree canopies can be just as much of a safety risk. Overgrown trees can block the sun from streets and park areas, creating shaded spaces that may increase occurrences of crime. These overgrown trees can also inhibit the flow of traffic and block critical street signage, leading to accidents and damage.

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