Buy Plants Online with Our New Site

Guy working on laptopThe Parke Company’s website got a facelift! If you’re reading this then you’ve probably already noticed. But our website has a newly designed look with extra functionalities, and we’re really digging it.

This site has brand new features that take your landscape skills to the next level. Want a new tree or some perennials to add to your garden? With just a couple of clicks, an arborist or landscape worker will be at your door in Nashville ready to plant your desired tree or plant. That’s right! Just pick out what plants you want (such as the black-eyed susan, dianthus or swamp white oak), add them to your cart and an arborist will contact you to schedule the installation service.

Using our online store is a great way to purchase these plants for a variety of reasons. After all, why should Amazon have all the fun with online shopping? If you’re unsure about using the store, consider the few reasons below.

Choose the plants on your schedule
This is easily the best reason to utilize our online store. It’s an efficient and easy way to spruce up your landscape, and it’s done strictly on your schedule. We don’t have to be open for you to pick out the trees and flowers you want to add to your landscape. As long as you have access to a computer, you can order installs quickly and easily.

Parke calls you to schedule
Once the plants have been ordered through our online store, the order will come through to our office and we will begin processing it. We will reach out to you directly to set up a time for delivery and installation. At that time, we will also be able to answer any questions you might have before we arrive at your doorstep. Having an arborist call you is another great reason to take advantage of our store. Finding the time to give us a call can be stressful, so letting us call you is one less thing you have to worry about.

It’s a simple and efficient way to spruce up your landscape
It’s the start of a new school year, summer is winding down and things are busy at your house. We totally understand. Using our online store is a simple way to spruce up your landscape with little effort. And don’t worry, just because it’s almost fall doesn’t mean it’s too late to utilize the online store. When an arborist calls, they can recommend the best time to plant your desired trees or plants. Want to order some plants that prosper only in the spring? Order now and get your name in the books. It’s never too early to start planning ahead!

Our online store is just one great feature of the new website. Not only can you buy the plants online, but you can pay for your existing services too! How much easier can it get? Be sure to take a look around at all the great services we offer, the blog and our credentials. We’ve got a variety of services available including tree care, landscape, irrigation and even municipal services. Want to learn more? Use our contact form or give us a call today!

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