Benefits of Rain Gardens and How Parke Can Help

Benefits of Rain GardenIf you haven’t already heard, new storm water regulations have been implemented for areas all around Middle Tennessee. These areas include Metro, Belle Meade, Forest Hills, Oak Hill and many other areas in the middle Tennessee area. Though the regulations are extensive, it is a great opportunity to spice up your landscape and irrigation system. These regulations are requirements for some developments, but you can update or install new rain water systems to not only enhance the look of your property but to also promote clean water and a healthy ecosystem.

And while there are many options available for these guidelines, one of the most popular choices is rain gardens. These beautiful little flower gardens can do wonders for the nearby watersheds and creeks. These gardens collect water runoff during storms and then filter it. The goal of these rain gardens is to slow the rain water down during a severe storm and give it time to sink in the ground and filter through.

Benefits of Rain Gardens

  • Providing clean water system
  • Alleviating flooding during a storm
  • Promoting the local ecosystem
  • Refilling local watersheds and creeks
  • Having an eye-catching flower bed in your property for your and your family to enjoy


Soil Specifics

Rain gardens are typically 8 to 10 inches deep. The resemble bowls with flat bottoms, and are essentially scooped out flower beds. Sound complicated? Don’t worry! The Parke Company has you covered. Our team of landscape experts can design and construct your rain garden so you don’t have to. Once the bed is filled, a percolation test will be completed to determine the absorption rate of the soil. If the speed of the soil absorption isn’t quite right, our landscape experts can amend the soil for you until it is. Once the soil is right, our team will plant the garden with your choice of native perennials for you to enjoy all season long.

These gardens are easy to maintain and are a great way to keep in regulation of these new rules. Parke’s landscape team can assist in building a rain flower garden on your property that fits your needs and your taste. If you are not interested a rain garden, there are many other types of storm water systems that can help maintain the storm water regulations.

From rain gardens to irrigation systems to removing a tree, our team of tree and landscape professionals can help deliver exactly what you and your landscape needs. Interested in learning more about rain gardens and other water systems for your newly regulated property? Contact our landscape crew today. We also have tree services such as tree removal, crown thinning and health care analysis for any necessary tree work you might need. Contact one of our arborists for more information!

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