Community Spotlight: Debris Clearing and Storm Response in Forest Hills with The Parke Company

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From microbursts to thunderstorms to the occasional freak snowstorm, Forest Hills and the surrounding Tennessee municipalities are exposed to weather of all kinds. No matter what is coming, these communities owe it to their residents to do whatever it takes to be prepared.

Yet, preparation does not always equal prevention. It is just as important that well planned and thought out storm damage response plans are in place. Microbursts can tear down trees, rip up bushes, and relocate mulch and sod. Thunderstorms can flood roads, lawns, and parking lots at lower elevations and can lead to extensive erosion damage. Snow and ice storms can leave people stranded as roads become increasingly dangerous and impassable. The topography of Forest Hills is also susceptible to landslides, increased flooding, and lost integrity to root systems, which can result in extensive tree and landscape damage. In all of these situations, a swift recovery is necessary to ensure that people are able to get wherever they are going, home or back to work, as soon as possible and as safely as possible.

With one call to The Parke Company, Forest Hills residents can rest easy knowing that their municipality is in good hands. When the winds pick up, we suit up. While the snow or rain falls, we are warming up our equipment. While you are getting off the roads, we are already starting the cleanup process.

Our first and most important goal after any storm is re-establishing and maintaining safe conditions. Therefore, our municipal service teams start by clearing the roads of trees, debris, snow, etc. This also allows for safe passage so that we can get to work cleaning up damage as soon as possible.

From clean roads, we turn to restoration, whatever that entails. Whether it be debris clearing, reapplying sod, shoring up slopes and embankments, or emergency tree removal or trimming services, we have the crew, experience, and equipment to get it done. After severe weather, the people that have been affected have their hands full just trying to pick up the pieces. Our municipal storm damage services are here to lend a helping hand and to assist in your municipality’s storm damage clean up process in any way possible.

Municipal Landscaping Services With The Parke Company

Though we do this incredibly well, we don’t just offer storm damage response and clearing services. From Forest Hills to Nashville, and everywhere in between, we have what it takes to take on your municipal landscaping and tree service projects as well. Though we are experts in the field of private landscaping and tree removal, we are also known for our ability to take on much larger projects.

If your municipality or organization is looking for planting, gardening maintenance, weed control, mowing, or hardscaping services, let our team of professionals work for you. From brush clearing to right-of-way work, storm damage and emergency tree services to bag leaf removal, we have the skills, experience, and equipment to meet your needs. No matter the size, we offer a comprehensive list of municipal services and can tailor these to fit your land improvement or maintenance plan, whatever it might entail.

The Main Difference Between Private and Municipal Landscaping and Storm Response Jobs: Size

Though the customer interaction process is, of course, different, the main difference between a private job and a municipality job is the size. We pride ourselves on maintaining a large and highly trained crew, fleet of vehicles, and enough equipment to take on jobs of any size in a truly timely manner.

The Parke Company is owned and operated by Nashville natives and hires locals who are masters in their field of work. We are personally familiar with all that Mother Nature can throw at Tennessee and how to best respond. Being local not only helps us to better understand what to expect, it also helps us respond more quickly and provides us with a deeply-rooted, vested interested in protecting and maintaining the beautiful landscapes we all live in and love.

Why The Parke Company Is the Go-To Landscaping Company for Municipalities in the Forest Hills Area

Our team of professional, certified landscapers, and arborists have years of experience working with municipalities of all sizes in the Forest Hills and greater Nashville area. We know how to deal with organizations large and small and can operate within any budget. No matter your bureaucratic, financial, or time constraints, our team will work with you to ensure that we get your job done the way you want: in a timely manner and as cost-efficiently as possible.

We have worked with a wide variety of municipalities designing, installing, and maintaining landscapes, and providing emergency and non-emergency landscaping services and storm damage preparation, prevention, and response. Our success has been built upon trust and that trust is built upon open and honest communication. Throughout the consultation, planning, and implementation process, our team of professionals maintains clear and constant lines of communications with the managers, directors, and stakeholders within your organization that have a vested interest in the project. These conversations are always two-way to ensure that your opinions are always considered and that our expertise is coupled with your desire to get the results you are hoping for.

We at The Parke Company, have successfully completed countless municipal projects and provided emergency storm damage response services to many municipalities within the greater Forest Hills and Nashville area. No matter the scope, breadth, or depth of your project, let us put our reputation to work for you and your constituents.

No Matter Your Size or Your Emergency Storm Response, Landscaping, or Tree Service Needs, The Parke Company is Here to Help

Locally owned and operated, The Parke Company provides community-centered, high quality, and affordable tree and landscaping services to municipalities, businesses, and private residences in the greater Nashville area. Our certified team of Nashville locals has a reputation for being clean, consistent, and professional and for being leaders in their industries. We at The Parke Company stand behind our work and pride ourselves on our ability to respond quickly, provide efficient and cost-effective services, and meet your needs every step of the way. Please feel free to give us a call (615-350-6033) or contact us online today to see how The Parke Company difference can work for you.

How To Guide: Produce Striking Landscape Combinations with Professional Help

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Whether your home’s landscape is just getting started or it has been an integral part of your estate for generations, improvements can always be made. Your home and property is an extension of yourself and an outward expression of who you are and what you value. The very fact that you are thinking of making changes says that there is something about your landscape that is nagging at you or some way that you envision it being different.

In both cases, if you are developing a landscape that complements your home for the first time or just tweaking an existing landscape, it is incredibly important that you turn to someone who will take the time to consider your specific goals and the particulars of your location and geography before making recommendations. At The Parke Company, we pride ourselves on our approach to landscape development and maintenance. Our years of experience coupled with our long list of landscaping services enables us to provide you with the individualized professional help you and your landscape deserve.

First Steps in Landscape Development – Planning and Removal

When developing a new landscape or altering an existing one, the first step must be planning. The Parke Company has the experience to turn your landscaping dreams into a reality no matter what geological impediments stand in the way. We will work with you and with your landscape budget to develop a plan that complements your unique desires and situation.

While planning, it is important to know that one of the most crucial changes to your landscape may be the removal of existing landscape elements. To prepare your lawn or backyard for additions or alterations (or simply to open up space, allow for more light, or to maximize natural rainwater distribution) it is quite common to extract certain aspects before adding anything new.

Nashville’s Unique Landscape Options

The upside, or perhaps the downside, of landscape planning in Nashville is the vast array of options and possibilities. Depending on your budget and the unique characteristics of your property, almost anything you set your mind to can be achieved. On the one hand, homeowners should see this as an exciting perk to living in such a diverse and beautiful area. On the other hand, this may have a crippling impact on your ability to make decisions and prioritize changes to your landscape. All the more reason why you should look to a professional that knows the area and can help you make informed decisions that are right for you and your landscape, now and in the future.

Landscape Configurations and Combinations

A painting is much more than a bunch of individual brush strokes. A program code is much more than a list of 0s and 1s. Similarly, your landscape is much more than the features and plants that it contains. How each element of your landscape interacts with the others is incredibly important in developing the overall aesthetic and feeling you desire. Even with the best of intentions and a well developed, specific list of landscaping desires, if the configurations or combinations are wrong, the whole thing can fall flat. What looks beautiful or functionally efficient in your mind may not be so in reality. Even worse, if you have not thought long and hard about how the various aspects of your landscape will interact, the final product may lead to disastrous outcomes.

For example, there are certain landscaping elements whose placement must be considered first. Fire pits, swimming pools, fountains, and ponds are a few examples of such elements. For fire pits, or any type of outside heating source (such as grills, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, etc.), it is extremely important to take into consideration the surrounding landscape. Overhanging trees are of course a no-no as heat, sparks, or flames could ignite them leading to considerable, if not devastating, damage to your property and home. Less thought of are the types of plants growing near a heating source, but they are also important. Grasses, bushes, or shrubs that wither and die or shed leaves during colder months should not be placed near heating sources as the dead plant matter can easily ignite and quickly spread to an uncontainable fire.

Large sources of water must also be considered. Pools or fountains with cement walls can attract unwanted wandering roots that can crack or damage their foundations. Any water source that is not contained or leaks slightly can provide an overabundance of moisture for plants that prefer drier soils. Additionally, if placed in close proximity to a water source, plants that shed their leaves during the offseason can be a nuisance and, due to the increased need for leaf removal, can make pool, fountain, or pond maintenance increasingly difficult and expensive.

Just as there are configurations and combinations to avoid, there are also those that should be embraced. While some pairings are aesthetic, others focus on what is best for the plant species. Dark stone situated near green grass or brightly colored flowers can create a much desired visual contrast. Similarly, the look of manicured elements (such as topiaries) within a more wild or natural backdrop can create a yin and yang atmosphere. In such cases, it is also important to take into consideration the long-term costs associated with pruning. Placing edible plants near other flowers can help with cross-pollination leading to a greater likelihood of fruits and a decreased need for maintenance. However, in this specific case, it is also important to not place either of them too close to patios or outdoor sitting areas, especially if you are allergic to bee or wasp stings, as the location of their flowers will increase the presence of these insects. In some cases, combinations can have both aesthetic and mutually beneficial results. For example, integration of various mulch types or rain gardens can be beautiful, but can also have the added benefit of increasing soil nutrients and moisture levels and retention.

Why The Parke Company is Nashville’s Go-To for Landscaping Combination Services

From moisture levels to shading to slope, every single landscape is different. What looks beautiful on your neighbor’s lawn or at your friend’s winter residence in Florida may not work in your backyard. Nashville’s unique climate offers many challenges, but also many rewards. When it comes to selecting the landscape configurations and combinations that are specifically right for you, it is important to turn to professionals who know the area well, can help you avoid common landscaping mistakes, and can provide you with open and honest feedback, guidance, and support.

Locally owned and operated, The Parke Company provides community-centered, high quality, and affordable tree and landscaping services to municipalities, businesses, and private residences in the greater Nashville area. Our certified team of Nashville local arborists and landscapers has a reputation for being clean, consistent, and professional and for being leaders in their industries. We at The Parke Company stand behind our work and pride ourselves on our ability to respond quickly, provide efficient and cost-effective services, and meet your needs every step of the way. Please feel free to give us a call (615-350-6033) or contact us online today to see how The Parke Company difference can work for you.

Cold Weather Care for Your Trees

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It might seem a bit odd, but even with the cold weather and all of the leaves on the ground, now is the perfect time to work on the trees and bushes that line your lawn or business’s property. Not only is the cool weather – like the kind that is rapidly approaching the Nashville area – the perfect time to plant a new tree, since it promotes root growth, but the ideal time to get things ready for the harsh realities of the oncoming winter. We here at the Parke Company spend a lot of time getting things ready for winter and planting new trees. In fact, it is one of the busiest times of the year for us because of the small window to get things done and take advantage of the weather while it lasts. To really take advantage of the timing, here are some things you can do to make sure your trees last through the cold weather and come out of their hibernation in the spring looking healthy and hale.

Eating Healthy

Much like yourself, one of the most important things you can do for your trees is to make sure they are eating healthy. While for you that might mean cutting back on greasy burgers and adding more fruits and vegetables, for trees that primarily means mulching. Mulch, in its simplest form, is any organic (and sometimes, inorganic) material laid down on top of the soil as a cover. It helps the soil retain moisture and in most cases adds nutrients. In addition, the mulch acts like a blanket for the tree’s root system, keeping it warm and healthy during the extreme cold months. The nice thing about mulch is that it can be created using the materials you already have at home, namely, leaves. Instead of shipping them away in a leaf bag, save them, add water and let them sit for a couple of weeks. The resulting mixture makes for a wonderfully nutrient-rich drink for the trees. Now is also the time to monitor the water intake of trees, because a winter water drought can be almost as harmful as a summer one. Water them appropriately when the temps are still above freezing and you won’t have to worry about it later on.

A Little Off the Top

This is the perfect time to prune your trees. Pruning and trimming are practices that should be carried out through the entire year, but autumn is the perfect time to do so for several reasons. For one, the trees are dormant in hibernation, making any cutting you do potentially less harmful. For another, you can actually see the structure of the tree, so you will know where to make the cuts. Pruning relieves stress on certain parts of the tree, something that might be exacerbated by snow and ice, so do not neglect it. If you don’t feel comfortable making these kinds of cuts, trimming and pruning are just a couple of the many tree services offered by the professionals here at the Parke Company.

Autumn is coming to a close, but it is not over yet and now is the time to make sure things are in order when it comes to your trees. By ensuring they have a healthy diet and are properly trimmed, you can count on happy and healthy trees, and it never hurts to have a step up on the competition come spring.

All That’s Left are the Leaves

Autumn leaves

It’s that time of the year again in Nashville, when looking out your window leads to images of a ragged-looking lawn covered in the dead and dying, instead of the nice, tidy, and trim emerald grass you are used to seeing. Yes, we are living in the days of autumn, when the leaves are falling in full force, leading to weekends spent cleaning up waste instead of doing literally anything else. This might not be a problem when you have a small area to clean up, but even that can take hours. Now imagine how much time it will take to cover a large area, and that is just dealing with the leaves. There has to be an easier way to makes things look nice! Luckily for you, there is. We here at the Parke Company are professionals at making life easier, because if there is one thing we learned from our youth, it is to “work smarter, not harder.” With that in mind, here are some ways to ease your mind about the amount of yard work the fall season brings.

Mowing Down the Competition

When it comes to dealing with leaves, the gold standard has always been the simple, humble rake, and while there are some positives to raking, like the amount of time you get to spend outside, breathing the fresh cool air, it can be a real pain. Plus you have to bag the leaves up afterwards, and you end up spilling a lot of them on the ground and need to do the whole thing all over again (although we here at the Parke Company are happy to remove the leaf bags for you). There is a better way however, and that is to use a mower. Now I know that sounds like it would make more of a mess, but if you get a mower with a mulch bag on it, you can save the mulch and use it again as a nutrient-rich additive when it comes time to plant things in the spring.

Getting High

The important thing to remember when mowing with a mulch bag is to make sure the blades are not too low to the ground. At this point in the year the grass has stopped growing, so cutting it too close to the ground can cause irreparable damage to the grass underneath. Set the blades on the mower to the highest setting so you know you’re only going to mow up the leaves. If you are concerned about the risks, you might want to look into the landscaping services offered by the Parke Company, although you should do it quickly, as this is a busy time of the year for us.

We understand that raking leaves, either into those heavy duty bags or into a big pile for jumping into, is one of those time-honored fall traditions. We are big believers in honoring traditions, but this is one of those times when you need to think about what is best for you and your lawn. Mowing and mulching is definitely the more efficient option, but raking is not bad either, as it still gets the leaves up and away.

Winter is Coming: Getting Your Lawn Ready

icy grass in winter

As more and more pages are torn from the calendar, we get closer and closer to winter. Recently on this blog we have been discussing the importance of getting things prepared for the impending season of cold winds and snow, but there is one area that we really haven’t discussed: lawn care. When combined with the harsh heat the Nashville and Middle Tennessee area receives right before the winter, the grass outside your home or office is really going to take a beating in the coming months. There are several things you can do to minimize the hurt, however. With that in mind, here are some tips for taking care of your lawn as the seasons change, brought to you by the professionals here at the Parke Company.

Getting Low

The first and one of the most important things to do is to start lowering the blades more and more each time you mow the yard. Lowering the blades while mowing helps the grass get acclimated to a shorter length, so it’s not all happening at once when winter comes. You don’t want to have high grass during the winter months for several reasons. For one, the longer the blades of grass, the more surface area each individual blade will cover when it gets tramples. Have a lot of these and it will choke out what is underneath all the more. For another reason, small animals such as mice like to hide in tall grass during the winter months, and the little critters love to eat the roots and otherwise damage your plants.

It is for these reasons that it is important to rake the falling leaves right away. Leaves that are left alone too long will kill the plants underneath them because they block all the sunlight and have a tendency to absorb the water that should be going to the grass. Instead, bag the leaves up and leave them for a leaf removal service or keep them and create a nutrient-rich additive that will be extremely beneficial when introduced to the plants. Also keep in mind that anything left on the lawn after the first snow is going to leave dead spots, so make sure to remove any larger logs or dead trees first.

Prepare Yourself

Grass loses a lot of nutrients during the late summer months thanks to that scorching heat, so it is a great idea to add fertilizer before the first freeze of the year. The nutrients will stay in the soil all winter long, feeding the grass and helping things stay healthy until spring rolls around again. This is probably one of the most important things you can do, because otherwise when the snow melts for the final time, your grass will be yellow and dead and generally gross looking.

It can be difficult to remember all of the things that need to be done to keep your lawn in tip-top shape, but that is why we are here to help. Let the pros in grass health and lawn care here at the Parke Company help ease your burden by taking care of it.