Nashville History in your Backyard

School’s out, but that doesn’t mean the learning has to stop! Nashville is commonly known for country music and great food. But one thing that is often overlooked is the rich history the region holds. Nashville and Middle Tennessee embody layers of historical significance that often go unnoticed. History isn’t just contained in museums or classrooms, but right in our backyard! Nashville’s trails, parks and trees all have a story, which is why it’s so important to appreciate it. As you are out and about this summer, take notice of some of the historical areas in Middle Tennessee.

Here are just a few areas to consider:

  1. Natchez Trace —

    Spanning from Mississippi to Nashville, Natchez Trace is a trail created by Native Americans and used by all kinds of explorers many years ago. Still, the landscape can be seen and admired. When driving down Natchez Trace Parkway, stop to read all the information you can because even the landscape itself hold great historical value you may have never seen before.

  2. Historic Trees and Granny White Pike —

    The Civil War and Battle of Nashville can be found along Granny White Pike and the many historical trees, such as the Battle of Nashville Tree in the area. Understanding and appreciating the history of these trees and the historic battle ground below encourages tree preservation and education for years to come.

  3. Belle Meade and Belmont Mansions —

    Whether you’re new to the Nashville area or you’ve lived in Middle Tennessee your whole life, some of the city’s history can be taught to in many of the plantations around town. You can visit these historical buildings and their landscapes for tours and further information about the history of the property.

When you’re out and about enjoying the weather with friends and family this summer, take a step back to enjoy the history of your city too. Whether you’re taking a trip down Natchez Trace, the stone wall or touring Belle Meade Plantation, notice the history around you. Understanding their history promotes their preservation long-term.

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