Mulching & Chipping: Prepping Your Landscape For Spring

It may seem a little early to start talking about Spring but it’s not too early to start developing a plan to guarantee your landscape will be at it’s healthiest when the warmth returns.  The Parke Company is committed to the year-round health of your landscape and environment.  Through sustainable green practices and our highly trained ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) certified arborists, you can be assured that your landscape will be getting the best treatment for your investment.  One of the best things you can do right now to prep your landscape for the Spring time is take advantage of our mulching and chipping services.  Here’s why:



Still have a lot of leaves laying around from last Fall?  Maybe you’ve got a yard full of branches that have accumulated over the winter.  Let us take care of those for you!  Winter is the ideal time to clear away all that has piled up during the Fall and Winter.  Parke Company will take your yard waste and recycle it by turning it into mulch for your flower beds or yard in general.  Mulching and chipping services are good for more than just cleanup, too.



By cleaning up the debris and leaves that littered your landscape you’ll be improving the appearance of your environment as well as revealing new potential locations to plant additional trees and shrubs.  Once you decide to add a new plant you’ll be able to use the mulch generated from your debris to aid the planting process.  On the other hand, you may notice that a certain tree or shrub has not fared too well over the past season or two.  This would make a perfect candidate for our tree removal service as well as become fodder for creating more mulch through the chipping and mulching process we offer.  Whatever your landscape needs, Parke has the remedy!



Nothing beats turning your old trees and leaves into life-giving fertilizer for your new and existing landscape!  The satisfaction of being truly green and natural for the fertilization of your landscape is the ideal (and economical) alternative to bringing in synthetic fertilizers.  Your lawn will thank you as it responds to the nourishing nutrients and moisture retaining layers of fertilizer.  Have a lot of pine trees?  We can help turn all those downed pine needles into a lightweight and effective mulch!  Pine mulch has many of the same benefits as standard mulch and conditions the soil due to its unique pH level.  It also smells great which can be a common complaint when dealing with fertilizing substances!
While it’s still Winter time in middle Tennessee, it’s never too early to start making sure your lawn has the best possible chance to be as healthy as it can be.  By utilizing the Parke Company’s many landscape services you can be assured that you’ve done everything necessary to obtain a healthy and flourishing landscape this coming spring.  Contact one of our highly trained landscape experts today to discuss the best actions for your lawn.

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