Leaf Removal Services in Nashville

LeafPickup_ParkeCompany_NashvilleYou know it is about that time — time to rake all those leaves swimming in your front and back yards. But if you have a million things going on, including Vanderbilt and Titans football games, Thanksgiving Day plans and other shenanigans, that last thing you want to worry about is taking care of another chore. That’s where the Parke Company comes in. Their team of highly experienced workers is eager and willing to help with your landscape needs. But don’t wait too long to call them if you need help with the leaf pick-up before the holidays.

Their leaf and tree services for the fall months include (but not limited to):

  1. Leaf blow/Leaf removal — this is a very necessary and popular need from customers at the Parke Company. They’ll rake, blow and even remove the leaves for the clean, beautiful landscape you desire.
  2. Mulching — If you wish to recycle your leaves for mulching purposes, the Parke Company can assist you with that as well. Ask your Parke Company employee for additional information.
  3. Tree transplants — This time of year is the best months to transplant your tree if necessary.
  4. Firewood — Stock up on all the essentials before Nashville’s winter comes in full effect. The Parke Company can provide you with a variety of firewood suited to your preference.
  5. Chipper or debris removal — Any other natural debris (including limbs, logs and landscape debris) that needs to be removed, the Parke Company is at your service. If you want something a environmental friendly, they will build a compost site right on your property!

Be sure to call the Parke Company as soon as possible to schedule your appointment so you can have a beautiful landscape for the holidays. For more information and questions on how to schedule your leaf removal appointment, call the Parke Company today at (615) 405-6548.

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