Late Blooming Plants Perfect for Zone 7 Gardens

Fll is in full swing and many of us have officially shelved our garden plans in hopes of starting again next spring. However, there are many “late blooming” plants available, which are a perfect choice for extending the life of your gardening dreams and allowing you to spend a bit more time in your garden before the frost fully covers it for the season. 

In any case, understanding the climate is crucial for fully-informed gardening. What grows in Arizona certainly will not grow in Michigan. If you are a home or business owner in zone 7, there are some specific plants that may help you stretch your gardening seasons into the colder months. Here’s what you need to know. 

How to Identify and Garden in a Zone 7 Garden

Where is Zone 7?

Regions in the country are divided into eleven different growing “zones” or “plant hardiness zones” by the US Department of Agriculture. Rather than divisions like the Midwest or East Coast, growing zones are determined by weather patterns. Because of these divisions, growing zones can help residents determine how to best care for their landscape. 

Zone 7 is a longitudinal belt of cities in the southern half of the US stretching primarily from northwestern Texas around to northeastern Virginia. The majority of Tennessee is a zone 7 plant hardiness zone. 

According to Gardening Knowhow, this is “an area with a moderately long growing season. The typical growing season generally lasts about eight months in zone 7 and the annual low temperature is about 5 degrees Fahrenheit (-15 C.). With the first frost around November 15 and the last one about April 15, planting a garden in zone 7 is a snap.”

Gardening in Zone 7

If you are growing plants in zone 7, most experts agree that you can start many types of seedlings indoors and transfer them into the ground later in late summer. You can do this with most vegetables: carrots, squash, and brussel sprouts, to name a few. 

Many plants that thrive year round develop berries in the colder months of zone seven. While these plants are always growing, the new season brings a new life to the plants. Plants like viburnum, barberry, and holly all experience this phenomenon. 

There are also a number of flowers and perennials that thrive later in the fall and add beauty to your landscape design. Brown-eyed Susans and Purple Flame Grass both thrive in the colder months and can add some color to your landscape in lieu of spring flowers. 

Hiring Landscaping Services

While many home and property owners love gardening, making the right choices for your zone and the season is a lot harder than solving some lawn problems. It shouldn’t take an advanced degree to make your property beautiful– contact the experts!

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