How to Identify and Avoid Unwanted Bugs and Poisonous Plants

Summer is in full swing, which means ticks, mosquitoes and poisonous plants are thriving. So how can you avoid these unwanted bugs and plants? Well, it is particularly hard if you spend a lot of time outside in your lawn and around trees. However, with the Parke Company’s help, your landscape, trees and lawn can easily be maintained and these pesky annoyances can be low on your radar.

Poisonous Plants:

When you are out enjoying your lawns or landscape, it might be difficult to spot poisonous plants, such as poison ivy (popular in Middle Tennessee). But remember the rule, “leaves of three, leave it be!” If you see a poisonous plant in your yard or brush, stay away from it. The plant releases oil, causing rash, blisters, itching and swelling. You can get a reaction by direct contact with the plant, indirect contact or even inhalation. If you see poison ivy in your brush DO NOT burn it! Call the Parke Company for guidance on how to deal with the problem.

Mosquitoes and Ticks:

These pesky creatures are just part of the Nashville wildlife. If you’ve been outside at all already, you’ve probably slapped away a mosquito or two. However, it’s important to try and prevent bites from mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers and the like. These bites can cause discomfort and even illness. If you spend time outside underneath your trees or in your lawn, make sure you’re protected against these bugs and be sure to check yourself after you go back inside the home. The Parke Company team members take incredible care when dealing with brush and landscape to check themselves for ticks and unwanted bugs, so we want you to also.

The summer is meant to be a season you enjoy outdoors! Want to take a hike on the Red Trail at Warner Park or a stroll through Cheekwood Gardens? Make sure you know what dangers to look out for and how to prevent yourself from unnecessary discomfort. Have a tree or mulching job that needs completed, but don’t want to deal with the poison ivy or ticks? The Parke Company can take care of that for you! Give them a call today at (615) 350-6033.