Backyard Weddings: How to Make Your Backyard Special for Your Special Day

Weddings in Nashville are pretty expensive. For some couples, this isn’t an issue, having been blessed with a financially gifted family or great forward thinking. For most couples, however, the stress of the big day is usually the first test they face. With that in mind, many couples are looking to save money any way they can, and since one of the largest expenses is the venue, many look at hosting a smaller outdoor wedding in their own backyards. We here at the Parke Company are big fans of this idea, as it gives the regular backyard a chance to shine in new, unexpected ways. After all, why should the bridal party have all of the fun? It can seem a little daunting, but with a couple of quick changes, the lawn will be wedding ready in no time.

Flowers and Greens and Growing Things

One of the easiest things you can do is something you’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking about during the course of your wedding planning already: flowers. It is pretty easy to put flowers that match your wedding’s color scheme in baskets, displayed nicely around the yard, but there are some other, more natural ideas that work just as well. One idea is to actually plant fresh flowers around the surrounding area to make a natural perimeter. A trellis archway covered in naturally occurring vines is a nice way to cap off the idea, creating a sort of secret garden-esque feeling. It is important to remember to get plants that are in season, otherwise they might begin to die and wither before the occasion, killing not only the plant, but also the mood. Beyond just the flowers, it is a good idea to incorporate seasonal greens and fruits and vegetables as well. So for an autumn wedding, work in things such as corn and pumpkins or cherries, while a spring wedding would call for something along the lines of strawberries. With the sheer amount of color available in the flower and edible plants world, finding something that matches or complements the colors of your party should be a snap.

Incorporating the Existing Landscape

If you are going to have your wedding outdoors, other than making sure the lawn looks nice (i.e. no dead patches of grass or gnarled branches hanging over the guests’ heads) it is important to incorporate the natural landscape into the design of the “venue.” For instance, if there is a prominently displayed tree in the area where your wedding will be, make that a centerpiece of the design, as the backdrop for the bride and groom or as a photospace. Your lawn is special and unique, you might as well make use of it.

Once you begin to view your backyard as the setting for your wedding and not just the space around your home, the landscape design ideas will start to flow and become endless. Of course, if along the way you need a little help with the construction, or planting or fixing, the professionals here at the Parke Company are only a call away.

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