Backyard Ponds: 4 Benefits of These Water Features

Consider These Water Features

When it comes to landscaping, property owners might believe that a pragmatist keeps their landscaping services limited to lawn mowing and more elaborate installations like water features are for more extravagant types of people. 

What you may not know, however, is that there is a whole host of benefits to adding a pond on your property that has nothing to do with impressing party guests or keeping up with the Joneses. 

From increased property value to environmental benefits, installing a water feature on your property could be the one landscaping decision that makes a world of difference for your residential or commercial property. 

Here is what you need to know about the four most significant benefits of incorporating a pond into your property’s landscape. 

Property Value

With relatively high costs for excavation, some property owners may fear that ponds are a fiscally irresponsible choice. 

While pond installation is a landscaping project that may cost more than simple leaf raking or regular lawn maintenance, the added value balances out the sticker shock of the initial investment. 

According to American Forest Management, the increase in property value after adding a pond is almost certain. In most cases, the bare land values of a property with a pond increased anywhere up to 42% (with an average of a 6% increase, overall). In addition, properties with ponds were also on the market roughly 50 days fewer than homes without!

Saving Money

As previously mentioned, ponds can offer a great return on investment when the time comes to sell your property. Even so, ponds can actually be a great way to save money while you’re still enjoying your current landscape. 

Ponds virtually eliminate the cost to water a large area of your property, which cuts out a significant portion of your monthly utility bills. While there is an initial cost to fill the pond, these types of water features can refill with simple rain water, or drain pipes can be set up to capture and reroute rainfall into your ponds. 

Switching out the water occasionally may be necessary, but ponds are essentially self-filling and can even be used to water nearby plants and foliage if need be!  

Environmental Benefits

The greatest benefit that having a backyard pond offers may be its tremendously positive environmental impact

The aforementioned reduction in watering is certainly beneficial for the environment as well as your budget. Concurrently, reducing the overall amount of grass on your property reduces mowing, which cuts down on pollutants released into the atmosphere during lawn maintenance, plus it also reduces the amount of pesticides and fertilizers used on your property, further shrinking your carbon footprint and reducing your environmental impact. 

Aesthetic Quality

All in all, the first reason most people want a pond is because of the aesthetic appeal. Even those who don’t live close to a  lakeshore or ocean can find the tranquility of a body of water on their own private land. Whether it is a large man-made pond, or just something small enough for a few koi fish, ponds offer the auditory pleasure of trickling waters, gorgeous views, and even a relaxing dip if you’re feeling adventurous. 

If you’re looking for a new way to holistically improve your property, installing a pond is certainly the route to take, but this is one project you should never do on your own.  

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