Winterizing Your Landscaping

Winter is coming and it can be hard on trees if they aren’t properly winterized during the cold months. There are a few easy steps to keep your trees healthy and ready for spring. 

1. Prune the dead and unhealthy parts of the tree in the late fall to prevent unsafe limbs breaking off after snow or ice. Pruning the tree also helps prepare it for healthy new growths in the spring.

2. Mulch and aerate the area around the tree to keep moisture and air flowing throughout the winter. Be sure not to aerate too deeply because it could hurt the tree’s roots.

3. Fertilize and water your tree to ensure its continued health throughout the winter. Evenly spread fertilizer around the base of the tree. When watering your tree, be sure the soil is cool (not frozen).

4. Wrap your tree before it freezes with a tree burlap bag or plastic tree wrap to keep it from dying over the winter months.

Remember, if you have any questions, call one of our tree specialists for any of your emergency or non-emergency needs at 615-405-6548.


Going Pro: How Choosing a Professional Tree Service Contractor Gets the Job Done in Nashville

Choosing a Professional Tree Service ProviderMany people face a choice when an emergency tree service need arises: call a friend or family member, get a chainsaw, or contact a professional. While each of these has its place, the benefits of each can be understood quite clearly.

  1. Contacting a friend or family member can require time and effort they may not have. Or it may create unique challenges in getting the service you need to have the job done they way you want it.
  2. Grabbing a chainsaw yourself can present other challenges. You may not be the type to start taking down a tree. Also, it can be dangerous to engage in tree work without proper training.
  3. On the other hand, working with a professional tree care service professional gets the job done. By contacting a fully trained, staffed, and certified aborist, you can move more quickly toward completion of your tree project. You also have the benefit of receiving a service attitude and safe delivery of promised services.

Stay safe this season, and please contact us for your emergency and non-emergency tree service needs.

Meet Our Tree Service Professional

Dan Beasley of Tree Service of Nashville, TNDan Beasley is our tree professional (pictured on left). He is happy to assist you with your questions, come out to get a look at your needs, and provide a professional and courteous estimate to help you manage your tree needs.

Our team of expert professionals offer the full gamut of landscape specialties including tree care, landscape construction, maintenance, turf grass care, plant health care, irrigation, waterscapes and specialty municipal services.

Each division is dovetailed to the next so that all aspects of your landscape are seen through our expert eyes from small to large scale with long term maintenance in mind.

We are located at 7110 Cockrill Bend Boulevard, Nashville, TN. You can also visit us on Google Places.

Protecting Your Plants and Landscaping During Tree Service

Protect Your Plants During Tree ServiceIf you have construction or other Nashville tree service, you may want to consider steps to protect your plants and other landscaping investments.

Tree, plant, and property protection can be east to accomplish with proper planning. Whether you are building a new structure, making repairs, or completing a remodel, you can avoid unwanted damage. Many builders don’t have expertise in this area or know the proper methods for preparing a job site to minimize unwanted disturbances.

Parke company can provide ideas and recommendations: when’s the best time to get a tree pruning service, where to install tree protection fencing, what type of fencing to use, where the drip line of the tree lies, root and soil injections to help promote growth and mitigate negative impact of the project, safely removing a tree, and more.

Be careful not to do more damage than good with  your next project. Prepare your space with help and proper preparation.

Preparing for Storms

Tree Service After a StormSpring storms and rain can bring heavy winds and saturated ground adding danger from the trees around your home, commercial building, or other locations such as parks and recreation areas. Protecting your family or your property requires planning.

Take these precautions to be prepared for storm season:

  1. Keep an emergency kit prepared. Include water, a flashlight, a radio with batteries, a small amount of food with high caloric value such as a box of protein bars, and emergency information such as phone numbers and contacts.
  2. Have your family put on their shoes and get to a safe part of the home. Walking over debris and broken glass can cause injury long after a storm has passed. Get dressed and into a safe area to monitor conditions. Follow standard practices such as avoiding windows or large rooms with little structural support.
  3. If disaster strikes, don’t panic. Take care of yourself and your family, then begin to check on neighbors. Also, keep a personal support network of friends and extended family alerted to your situation. Be prepared to meet a determined location if you lose contact due to electrical or communications failures.

Every disaster can be made worse by a lack of preparation or a tendency to panic; and panic usually comes from not having a plan. We wish our clients the best this spring. Let’s stay safe together.