Trees of Tennessee Highlights Parke Favorites

Historic trees are such a pleasure to care for, at least for the Parke company. Many times, these aged trees are the only living reminiscence of a piece in history, and they can show us glimpses of history we would not know otherwise. Trees like the Witness Tree and the Battle of Nashville Basket Oak Tree are two majestic trees that have recently been inducted into the Tennessee Tree Registry for their historical significance and to preserve them for years to come.

In addition to the Witness Tree and other historical trees’ induction to the Tennessee Registry, the Witness Tree and Basket Oak is featured in a new book, Trees of Tennessee. This coffee-table book is chock-full of beautiful trees within our state borders. The pages are filled with colorful photos of leaves and branches, and information about historic, landmark and heritage trees.

The Parke Company understands the importance of preserving and raising awareness for heritage and historic trees, which is why they helped create this 128-page book. Covering 68 notable trees, the team at the Parke Company assisted the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council in publishing the book.

Interested in purchasing a book? The Parke Company doesn’t sell them directly, but they can point you in the right direction. The proceeds go to TUFC programs for urban forests throughout Tennessee and can be purchased here if you want to purchase the book online. The book is a great gift for any arborist or tree-lover in your life.

Want to know about the Parke Company’s effort to support Tennessee’s historic trees and urban forestry or think you might have a tree on your property with historical significance? The Parke Company is always interested in learning more about Nashville’s special branches. Contact them today to learn more!