Create a Sense of Peace and Prosperity with a Backyard Pond

koi fish and water lily

As anyone who has spent any time in Nashville can tell you, the only thing hotter than our summers is our famous hot chicken. One way to fight back against the oppressive heat is with the addition of a tasteful pond. Watch and wonder at how a new pond in your backyard changes not only the way the season affects you, but also the way you feel. Don’t be surprised if you start to spend more time outdoors!

Planning the Pond

As with anything worth putting your time and effort into, the first step is figuring out the specifics. Pond design is one of the many landscaping services we at the Parke Company offer, so if you don’t feel like tackling it yourself, we can help. The first thing you want to figure out is what kind of pond you want. Is it going to be a small pond, or a larger one? Is it going to have a fountain in the middle, or a waterfall along one side? There are a lot of options, and that is without getting into whether you want fish involved or what kind of plants you want.

When it comes to the materials, the more money you’re willing to spend, the more durable the quality the product is going to be, in most cases. And since you’re dealing with the installation of things like air pumps and cyclers, you’re going to want something that won’t be an issue for a couple of decades.  Of course the work continues after you get your pond set up, since even a small pond will require weekly maintenance, including skimming leaves, algae and other debris from pond’s surface and possibly even something more serious, like patching the lining. If that sounds like a lot of work, don’t worry, because maintenance is another helpful service we offer at the Parke Company.

Enjoying the Pond

Water as an element is representational of change, of movement and of life. In some cultures, a waterfall is representational of success, and the pond itself does a lot to add positive energy to your life. Who doesn’t love the soft noise of a babbling brook, or the gentle bubbling a fountain adds? Do not undersell the impact the sound of a pond is going to have, even if it’s just from blocking other, more hectic noises, like traffic or noisy neighbors.

Having a pond is sure to change the energy and feel of your home in a radical way, but adding new plants, like shrubs or trees, is a great way to take your backyard remodel to the next level. Adding a new pond to your backyard is a lot of work, from designing the pond itself, to finding the right location for it and selecting the best materials, which is we at the Parke Company are here to assist you every step of the way! Spring isn’t going to last forever, so contact us today and let’s get started.

Add a Little Color to Brighten up your Lawn

yellow and purple pansies

Although the weather in Nashville has been pretty warm this year, it can be a little disconcerting to look out the window and see a whole lot of dead, brown and  generally gross looking lawns. While most flowers and bushes will not bloom until May at the earliest, we at the Parke Company believe it does not mean that you have to look at what appears to be an apocalyptic wasteland until spring really rolls around.


February Flowers

When people think of roses in February, it is usually the kind that come wrapped in a bouquet with a teddy bear and a box of chocolates. That being said, there are several species of roses that are blooming as early as now, including the Winter’s Bliss and Pink Frost lenten roses, which display a dazzling array of colors ranging from magenta to deep red and white. Why not keep the spirit of Valentine’s Day alive and outside, to remind you that Love lasts all year round?

Pansies are another good way of adding a different hue to the mix, since some versions of the flower have been specifically bred to live in cold environments, meaning you will not have to worry about any late winter cold snaps ruining your hard work. Pansies also come in a mix of colors, including many shades of yellow and blue, giving you a lot of different options for maximum color mixing.


Bushes and Shrubbery

One area people might not consider when looking to add a little color to their lawn is shrubs and bushes. Some shrubs, such as the Daphne family of bushes, bloom now, and are a great way to add large swatches of color to an area that looks as if it had a sepia filter applied to it, while something like Witch Hazel brings deeper oranges and reds to the table. It is important to note, however, that many of these bushes can be difficult to work with and may produce toxic berries, so it would be a good idea to let someone qualified help get things set up.

One thing to consider when adding shrubbery and bushes is the impact that a good mulch will have, not only on the health of the plants, but also on the visuals. We at the Parke Company believe that incorporating a good mulch into your landscape is key to a nice looking lawn.

It is understandable to want to wait a bit before getting into the grind of working on your lawn, but the earlier you get started the better your lawn is going to look, considering that many of these plants work better the longer they have been in the soil. Besides, who does not want a nice looking, bright and colorful lawn to stand out against the drab lawns currently decorating neighborhoods? You do not even need to know what you are doing, since we at the Parke Company offer services to help with landscape design and tree removal to mulching and irrigation. We will be there every step of the way to make sure your lawn is looking colorful and beautiful.

Parke’s Gift Guide for the Holiday Season


boy working on laptopThe holiday season is rapidly approaching. Nashville stores are already full of Christmas decorations and early Black Friday sales. But if you are in the market this year to give something more unique than a holiday gift set, consider the many tree services we offer at the Parke Company! If you or someone you know and love owns their own home, you know how expensive it can be so why not treat them to a little monetary reprieve and give them a gift that keeps on giving? Our arborists offer a variety of landscape and tree services, but there are several that would be truly special this holiday season. Here are a few suggestions:

Give a live Christmas tree
This gift idea is easily one of our favorites. If you know someone who’s always wanted a live Christmas tree, this is a great opportunity. With the help of our arborists, we can make their Christmas dream come true! Our crew will install the tree and then when the holidays are over, they will transplant the tree in the backyard. This is not only a present for the holidays, but it allows the tree to live for many years to come. If you are interested in purchasing a live tree for someone, be sure to do it soon so they have it in time!

Buy a holiday decoration service
One of our favorite landscape services we offer is decorating. If you know someone who loves to decorate the outside of their home, but perhaps can no longer do so because of old age or because they’re too busy, this is a great gift! We can work with you or the gift recipient to ensure the decorations are exactly what you/they want. It’s also a great way to surprise folks you love with a little holiday cheer. However, like the live trees, schedule this landscape service sooner rather than later to get your name in the books.  

Buy a shrub, plant or tree using online store
Did you know you can purchase trees, plants and shrubs on our online store? That’s right! It’s an easy and effective way to purchase what you like at your own convenience. Our online store is a great tool for gift-giving this season because it allows you to pick out exactly what you want to give at the price point you can afford. Though our online store is a great tool for the holidays, it’s also a great gift-buying experience for other occasions, such as a housewarming or congratulatory event. Just drop what you want in your cart, pay and we will call you to schedule a time to come out and plant.

Don’t let the thought of Christmas shopping overwhelm you this year. With the help of our landscape and arborists, your holiday shopping can be finished in a jiffy! And don’t forget – there is always room to buy a little gift for yourself, too. Whether it’s one of the landscape or tree services listed above or something else, our team of experienced professionals have got you covered. Want more information? Give us a call today! Happy Holidays, Nashvillians!

Buy Plants Online with Our New Site

purple flowers

Guy working on laptopThe Parke Company’s website got a facelift! If you’re reading this then you’ve probably already noticed. But our website has a newly designed look with extra functionalities, and we’re really digging it.

This site has brand new features that take your landscape skills to the next level. Want a new tree or some perennials to add to your garden? With just a couple of clicks, an arborist or landscape worker will be at your door in Nashville ready to plant your desired tree or plant. That’s right! Just pick out what plants you want (such as the black-eyed susan, dianthus or swamp white oak), add them to your cart and an arborist will contact you to schedule the installation service.

Using our online store is a great way to purchase these plants for a variety of reasons. After all, why should Amazon have all the fun with online shopping? If you’re unsure about using the store, consider the few reasons below.

Choose the plants on your schedule
This is easily the best reason to utilize our online store. It’s an efficient and easy way to spruce up your landscape, and it’s done strictly on your schedule. We don’t have to be open for you to pick out the trees and flowers you want to add to your landscape. As long as you have access to a computer, you can order installs quickly and easily.

Parke calls you to schedule
Once the plants have been ordered through our online store, the order will come through to our office and we will begin processing it. We will reach out to you directly to set up a time for delivery and installation. At that time, we will also be able to answer any questions you might have before we arrive at your doorstep. Having an arborist call you is another great reason to take advantage of our store. Finding the time to give us a call can be stressful, so letting us call you is one less thing you have to worry about.

It’s a simple and efficient way to spruce up your landscape
It’s the start of a new school year, summer is winding down and things are busy at your house. We totally understand. Using our online store is a simple way to spruce up your landscape with little effort. And don’t worry, just because it’s almost fall doesn’t mean it’s too late to utilize the online store. When an arborist calls, they can recommend the best time to plant your desired trees or plants. Want to order some plants that prosper only in the spring? Order now and get your name in the books. It’s never too early to start planning ahead!

Our online store is just one great feature of the new website. Not only can you buy the plants online, but you can pay for your existing services too! How much easier can it get? Be sure to take a look around at all the great services we offer, the blog and our credentials. We’ve got a variety of services available including tree care, landscape, irrigation and even municipal services. Want to learn more? Use our contact form or give us a call today!

Three Benefits to Irrigating Your Lawn with Parke

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Water bubbleParke’s main bread and butter is our tree care. And while we have many arborists who take care of your trees, we also provide many landscape and lawn services for our customers. The Parke Company’s team of specialists can take care of your landscape and irrigation services too. With just a simple phone call, our talented crew of landscape workers can come out and do an overhaul on your lawn and landscape. And though we have a variety of landscape services available, one of the biggest and most valuable services we offer is irrigation.

Irrigation is valuable for a variety of reasons like saving money and conserving water. It’s an affordable way to ensure your lawn looks beautiful all year long and it requires minimal work from you, our customer. Though many people think spraying their lawn and landscape with a hose every so often is a good enough solution to keeping the grass green, there’s so much more that goes into it. Here are a few significant benefits to installing an irrigation system in your lawn.

Saves Money
Believe it or not, utilizing an irrigation system will actually save you more money in the long run. Though the initial cost of installing the system in your landscape might seem costly, it pays for itself long-term. No more paying for wasted water; no more paying for reseeding or treating your lawn due to dehydration or other factors. Having an irrigation system that maintains the health of your lawn and landscape is a great way to keep your landscape budget in check.

Conserve water
A common mistake when irrigating your own lawn is wasting water. Many people don’t understand how much water is really needed when hydrating their landscapes, and it’s easy to be wasteful. Installing an irrigation system prevents water runoff and overwatering. And though rain gardens are great ways to filter runoff water, it’s meant for rain, not the water you’re paying for.

Save Time
To us, this is the biggest reason to install an irrigation system. You’re a busy person with a busy schedule. You might not always have time to go outside and water your lawn or the rest of your landscape. You may also need to go out of town on occasion. And if you have any landscape or lawn issues, Parke will be at your doorstep to take care of them, just like they take care of your trees.

Still not sure if getting an irrigation system is right for you? Call one of our landscape specialists today. They’ll be happy to discuss any questions you have and steer you in the right direction. Already have an irrigation system but need someone to come and take a look at it for maintenance? We can help with that too! Call us for lawn and other landscape maintenance needs as well as any services you need for your trees. Get your name in our books before summertime runs out!