4 Ways Landscaping Can Be a Natural Sound Barrier

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The right landscaping is key to creating the perfect environment for your residential or commercial space. The visual element of your property, however, is only one factor in developing the aesthetic you seek. Even the most beautiful space can be tarnished by noise pollution.

Modern life is filled with noise. Between traffic, phone notifications, music, and chatter, it can seem impossible to escape the constant noise and find solace. Don’t let your property add to the noise. Here are four ways that your landscaping can also act as a natural sound barrier.

Water Features

In some circumstances, adverse sounds may not be severe. While the noise of distant traffic or neighboring properties may not dramatically affect the mood of your property, they can be easily mitigated.

Incorporating water features into your landscaping is a simple way to add the calming sounds of trickling water as a way to counteract moderate (but still inconvenient) noise pollution. Certain water features can also attract birds whose song can cancel out the din of less melodic noise.

Not only do water features offer a unique auditory serenity, they can also dramatically improve the visual quality of your property. Check out this article to learn more about the value of water features and find out if this is the right choice for you.

Vertical Barriers

If the sound disturbance is greater, a vertical barrier may be the best solution. Rather than adding sound to counteract noise pollution, these barriers act as a wall to block out noise from ever entering your property.

A tall fence can double as a property outline and a defence against noisy neighbors, perfectly maintaining the solace of your outdoor environment.

If a fence doesn’t fit within the pre-established aesthetic of your landscaping, consider a natural border to combat noise. Dense, tall hedges and trees can also act as an effective sound barrier and line the perimeter of your space in the same ways as a fence.


When properly combating noise pollution, it is not enough to only consider what you incorporate into your landscape design. You must also consider where it is installed.

When deciding where to place hardscapes like walkways and pavement, sinking these spaces where possible can be an effective way to mitigate unwanted noise.

By setting these features lower to the ground, you create spaces that are insulated and protected from irritating noise. The only sounds heard are those intentionally created within your own environment.

This intentional sound barrier has the same effect as an amphitheatre and can perfectly maintain the serenity of your property, especially when combined with dense hedges or another natural sound barrier.

Pest Defense and Maintenance

Creating natural sound barriers within your landscaping doesn’t have to mean incorporating any new features to your property. It can be as simple as regular landscaping maintenance.

When the natural landscape of a property is not sufficiently maintained, it can leave you vulnerable to unwanted pests and wildlife. A pile of decomp at the corner of your property may seem initially inconsequential, but it can act as a homing beacon for pests.

Not only can unwanted critters cause damage to the natural beauty your property, but they can also be a source of unwanted noise. While chirping birds may offer welcome solace, chattering raccoons are far from calming.

Regular maintenance of the landscaping on your property is a straightforward way to ensure that no unwelcome guests pay you a visit and disrupt your space with noise.

Developing the visual quality of your space is certainly important, but even the most beautiful environments can be made less inviting by unwelcome noise. Get the most out of your landscape and ensure that it sounds as beautiful as it looks.

At The Parke Company, we operate with our motto in mind: “Make it pretty. Make it right.” We are dedicated to ensuring that your landscaping is not only beautiful, but also meets your unique needs. If noise pollution affects your property, or you simply want to improve the overall aesthetic of your landscape through natural sound barriers, let the trained professionals at The Parke Company do the work for you.

For more information on how to install natural sound barriers, contact the certified arborists at The Parke Company and let their superior lawn services transform your property.Give us a call (615-350-6033) or contact us online today to see how The Parke Company difference can work for you.

5 Great Places for Paths and Walkways

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The importance of paths and walkways in the overall landscaping of your yard should never be overlooked. Focusing solely on your garden, pool, or patio, while forgetting to consider how each space is connected can leave your yard feeling disjointed. It is crucial to consider transitions between spaces in your outdoor landscape design.

Paths serve two primary purposes. First, they connect your outdoor spaces, ushering guests toward different destinations in your yard (delineating the way from the pool to the outdoor tiki bar to the barbeque, for example). Alternatively, paths and walkways can be used to simply encourage the enjoyment of your yard. A labyrinth, for instance, is a path meant for strolling, encouraging meditation, or the simple appreciation of your garden.

It’s important to think about your path’s purpose, look and feel, amount of foot traffic, dimension, shape, and which materials you wish to use when designing your ideal walkway.

Ideal Places for Walkways That Truly Enhance Your Landscape

Where to place paths and walkways throughout your outdoor living space depends on a variety of factors – the size of your yards, the outdoor features you wish to highlight, the amount of use you expect each path will get, the purpose your walkway will serve, etc. Below are a few ideal places where paths and walkways will help enhance your overall landscape:

  1. A welcoming front yard walkway not only increases your home’s curb appeal, it also provides an inviting entrance into your house. A beautifully landscaped front yard walkway gives guests an immediate positive impression as they make their way to your front door. As the entryway to your home, you want a front yard path that is visually pleasing, but also easy to walk. A walkway that leads to your front door should be relatively direct, although if you want to highlight certain features of your front yard it can be interesting to include a few slight detours through pleasant surroundings.
  2. Nothing beats a lovely garden path that welcomes you into nature. Enhancing your garden path with fragrance and color sets the tone for the entire area. As the entryway to a key aspect of your outdoor space, you’ll want to ensure the path reflects the same visual and emotive features that your garden offers.
  3. A meandering walkway within your backyard – be it through a rose or vegetable garden, a densely planted oasis that features a plethora of plants, or whatever else your great outdoor space has to offer. These walkways are dedicated to encouraging you to simply zen out, take a leisurely stroll, or enjoy the plants and wildlife that make up your outdoor area. Rather than being a path to a specific destination, meandering walkways curve through your backyard, inviting people to relax, reflect, and take in nature..
  4. Nothing beats a functional path to your pool, fire pit, dining patio, or any other key feature of your backyard.. Walkways that logically lead visitors to each outdoor destination will encourage the use of your various outdoor spaces.
  5. A path to a calming outdoor destination in your yard such as a lookout spot, bench, gazebo, reading nook, or intimate patio deserves a beautiful walkway that gently leads people towards their blissful destination.

The Parke Company Can Lead the Way to Your Ideal Front or Back Yard Path

Whether you are looking to upgrade an existing path or walkway with our landscape maintenance services, or need a new path or walkway installed via our landscape installation services, The Parke Company’s landscaping services will set you on the path to the walkway of your dreams. Locally owned and operated, The Parke Company provides community-centered, high quality, and affordable tree removal and landscape services to municipalities, businesses, and private residences in the greater Nashville area.

We know Nashville. When it comes to lawn services, we have all your bases covered. We know the soil, water tables, plants, seasons, and how each of these may directly or indirectly impact your specific landscape. We have the local experience, knowledge, and know-how to help you manage your landscape and realize your dreams.

Our certified team of Nashville locals has a reputation for being clean, consistent, and professional, and for being leaders in their industries. We at The Parke Company stand behind our work and pride ourselves on our ability to respond quickly, provide efficient and cost-effective services, and meet your needs every step of the way.
Please feel free to give us a call at (615) 350-6033 or contact us online today to see how The Parke Company difference can work for you. You can also ask about how our landscaping service can best support your outdoor living space’s paths and walkways.

Outdoor Water Features: Fountains or the Natural Look?


Water features play a major role in enhancing your outdoor space. Whether you are looking to install a more formal fountain or a subdued natural pond, you can always count on water features to evoke a lovely sense of serenity and tranquility. They add texture and a soothing sense of calm to any landscape. Many water features attract birds and wildlife, and can be used as a pleasing habitat for fish. They can also work to cool down your space and bring health to your plants.

Given all of these factors, it’s key to find the best water features for your space in order to evoke the right mood and provide the benefits you need.

Which Water Features Are Right For You?

When it comes to water features, there are a variety of options to choose from in terms of price, size, design, and feel. We’ve outlined a few water feature options below:

  • Whether they are more elaborate and lavish or more simple and zen, fountains always evoke a sense of luxury and tranquility. One of the first images that comes to mind when people consider outdoor fountains is a lavish spouting fountain shooting water into the air. This can be an opportune choice for an elegant, distinctive effect, but there other available alternatives. Textured wall fountains are a modern, simple, and stylish option that add a contemporary and sophisticated flair while still economizing on space. Tiered, cascading fountains allow water to run down multiple layers for a more soothing vibe. No matter the fountain you choose, this water feature works to transform your outdoor space into a serene retreat that feels like your own personal paradise.
  • Ponds come is all shapes and sizes, but will always enhance your landscaping. Ponds can be a vibrant natural habitat for floating water lillies and other plants, or a clear body of water perfect for simple reflection. Ponds always bring sensory pleasure and many feature waterfalls or fountains as well.
  • There is nothing more soothing and invigorating than the sound of a babbling stream. Incorporating this water feature into your landscape is a great way to bring the sweet serenity of nature into your yard. One way to ensure that streams are low maintenance is to let nature do most of the heavy lifting. In this case, make sure your stream is sloped properly and that your property is equipped with the appropriate soil to handle the water flow.
  • Waterfalls are numbered among nature’s great wonders. They are breathtaking and mesmerizing while also providing a cool burst of fresh air in the summer heat.

The Parke Company Has You Covered

The Parke Company’s landscaping services include enhancing your yard with the perfect outdoor water features for you, impeccably installed installed via our landscape installation services. Installing water features are a fantastic way to enhance the beauty of your property, but it’s heavy work. The professionals at The Parke Company are here to help.

Locally owned and operated, The Parke Company provides community-centered, high quality, and affordable tree removal and landscape services to municipalities, businesses, and private residences in the greater Nashville area. We know Nashville, and when it comes to lawn services, we have all your bases covered. We know the soil, water tables, plants, seasons, and how each of these may directly or indirectly impact your specific landscape. We have the local experience, knowledge, and knowhow to help you manage your landscape and realize your dreams. Our certified team of Nashville locals has a reputation for being clean, consistent, and professional, and for being leaders in their industries.
At The Parke Company, we stand behind our work and pride ourselves on our ability to respond quickly, provide efficient and cost-effective services, and meet your needs every step of the way. Please feel free to give us a call (615) 350-6033 or contact us online today to see how The Parke Company difference can work for you.

Emergency Tree Service: How Fast Response Times Will Save You Money

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Nashville has more than its fair share of wind storms. In fact, in 2016, Nashville was cited as the windiest city in the country, with 11 serious wind-related events. Inevitably, when the wind seriously kicks up, some Nashville trees will be knocked down. Snapped limbs and uprooted trees can create seriously dangerous situations and destroy property. When that happens, you are going to want a qualified tree service to be able to respond quickly and stabilize the situation.

For more than 30 years, homeowners, businesses, and even municipalities have been calling The Parke Company for emergency tree service. We have the resources, and more importantly, the specialized staff to rapidly respond to tree emergencies. Rapid response can defuse dangerous conditions and prevent or minimize additional damage to property.

Operationally, emergency tree service presents the most challenges to a professional landscape services. The need is immediate, and more importantly, not everyone is trained in how to safely drop a split bough or an entire tree. At The Parke Company, emergency tree service has become an important part of our business, and we are staffed with the experts to handle the task.

What Rapid Response Means for Municipalities

When bad weather hits, it doesn’t discriminate. Homes, businesses, and communities alike all take a hit. But for municipalities and counties, the challenges that fallen trees and dangerous limbs present can have a wider effect on the safety and economy of the community than any individual house or shop. If streets are blocked, if power lines are threatened by dangerous trees, or if storm drains are clogged by wind debris, a town can experience serious issues.

Clearing roads is a priority. A community can have excellent emergency services, but if their vehicles can’t reach where they need to go, it’s the same as if those services didn’t exist. The net result leaves medical assistance, fire departments, and police severely restricted in the services they can render. While not a municipal emergency service, repair crews from utilities are also essential to mitigating dangerous conditions and hastening recovery. Like emergency services, they can’t do their job if they can’t get to where they need to go.

And there’s another cost for the community. After the event, the municipality’s ability to get things back to normal will be evaluated by the residents. A town with a responsible, well-executed emergency response plan will gain a positive reputation, while one that doesn’t may be looking for new management.

At The Parke Company, we are exceptionally proud to have been selected by several communities, including Belle Meade and Forest Hills, to provide landscaping services. Those services include emergency tree service, storm damage, brush clearing, and leaf bag pickup. Our reputation, proven work quality, and ability to work within fixed budgets has made The Parke Company a go-to resource for municipalities.

What Rapid Emergency Tree Service Means for a Homeowner

If a storm has created a need for emergency tree service at your home, a fast, professional response by trained experts can end a potentially dangerous and damaging event. Minimizing damage, and most importantly, rendering a home safe, can save significantly on the potential cost of the event.

The biggest challenge facing a homeowner needing emergency tree service is, well, the fact that it’s an emergency. You need help now. If the wind event was areawide, there are going to be plenty of your neighbors with the same need. Demand for tree service may outstrip supply. If you don’t already have a relationship with a qualified emergency tree service, you may find yourself waiting and paying a premium when the crew does show up.

At The Parke Company, we believe the best way to save money on emergency tree service is to minimize the need for it before a storm hits. We’ll talk about that more later.

Keeping Emergency Tree Service Affordable

The way we keep our emergency costs competitive is our triage approach to emergency tree service for our customers. We send out teams that deal with threatening or blocking trees. They deal with trees that are leaning on structures, across utility lines (with coordination of power company), or blocking access. Then they are off to the next call and will return with the equipment and crew needed to do a cleanup.

Using this triage technique allows us to provide our customers the immediate assistance they require to remedy an unsafe condition or access to their property. The follow-up visit takes place when things are calmer and a full complement of equipment can be deployed.

While we are there, we highly recommend that one of our certified arborists evaluate the condition of any remaining trees. If a tree is a likely candidate for removal, we can accomplish that while we are onsite. When we are done, all of the tree debris will have been removed or chipped into mulch.

Not surprisingly, we have a lot of experience with insurance companies, and we are happy to assist you in submitting your claim. We have worked with most of the companies who write homeowner insurance in the Nashville area.

Common Mistakes Made in Emergency Tree Service Situations

Storm damage can be unsettling. Many times, a home represents the largest single investment a family has, and their desire to inspect and protect their house after a storm is understandable. However, many times that desire to protect the castle overrides more effective thinking. Here is just a small sample of bad behaviors and actions to avoid during an emergency tree service event:


  • Be a witness, not a victim. Trees that appear solidly supported, or stuck fast on the ground, often shift or roll, causing personal injury or worse. Don’t attempt tree removal yourself. Let our expert arborists check it out. Stay clear and keep passersby clear as well. If you have a downed power line, report it to the power company immediately.
  • Beware the expert with a chainsaw. Unfortunately, when there is a big demand for emergency tree services, some people represent themselves as qualified tree experts because they own a chainsaw and a pickup truck. Before you engage anyone who is soliciting you, ask for a business license and a certificate of insurance.
  • Avoid insurance feuds. Insurance coverage is complicated, and it can get even more complicated if your neighbor’s tree blows over and damages your covered property, or vice versa. The key to coverage is the health of the tree. If a tree was healthy, the policy that covers the damaged property will pay for the damages (less the deductible) regardless of who the tree belongs to. However, if the tree was diseased, the question of liability is not clear. A report from a certified arborist can provide an accurate evaluation of a tree.

How to Minimize the Cost of Emergency Tree Service

At The Parke Company, we are ready to respond to your need for emergency tree service, but we are also ready to help you minimize the odds of you ever needing it. The best way to avoid the expense, danger, and inconvenience that storm-damaged trees can bring is to take preventative steps before the storm hits. For more information on those steps, check out our emergency tree service blog.

The bottom line is this: Your landscape is an investment, just like your house. It requires maintenance to keep its value. If your carpet is getting thin, you will replace it. If the exterior paint is peeling, you will be on the phone with a painting contractor. The reason you take these actions is because you can see the problem and you want to protect your investment.

With trees, you often can’t see the problem until nearly all the value is gone. Trees get old, they get sick, and they get wounded. Often you don’t notice these problems until a strong wind blows them over, or a piece simply falls off.

If you take advantage of the tree and landscaping services that we provide, you can rest assured that your outdoor investment is being maintained as well as your home investment. Call us today and let’s talk about ways we can get your outdoor assets contributing to the overall value of your property.

Installing an Irrigation System – Not a Great DIY Project for Most Nashville Homeowners


If you don’t have an automated irrigation system, you probably spend many humid Nashville evenings hauling out a hose and sprinkler to water the lawn and shrubs. Some people see that task as a pain while others enjoy the quiet time after a hectic day at work. The truth, however, is that both kinds of people are wasting water and may be damaging their lawns.

The hose/sprinkler technique is incredibly inefficient. If you care about your lawn, trees, shrubs, flower gardens, and water bill, you should seriously consider a professionally planned and installed irrigation system. At the Parke Company, we do more than tree trimming. We offer a full range of landscape services including all aspects of irrigation systems from planning to installing to seasonal maintenance.

Nashville residents are known for their sense of self reliance, and many may wonder why they would need a tree service company to put in a watering system. After all, it’s just a matter of buying the parts, digging a ditch or two, laying the pipe, burying the pipe, and hooking the whole thing up to a water source. Piece of cake.

Actually, it’s a tad more involved than that. Here’s the short list of what is required before you dig a trench or lift a piece of PVC:


  • What type of grass do you have? Some turfgrasses require more water than others.
  • What kind of soil do you have? Sandy soil will absorb moisture while clay will not. Soil type will play a major role in how frequently you irrigate and for how long.
  • Are you going to need a building permit in your community?
  • What are the ordinances regarding irrigation systems, particularly backflow safeguards?
  • Check with your utilities before you start digging.
  • Does your community require a licensed contractor to install the system?

Gather Data

  • What is your water pressure expressed in pounds per square inch (PSI)?
  • What’s the size of your water meter and water line?
  • What is your water flow rate expressed in gallons per minute (GPM)?

Map the System

  • Use graph paper and make a “to scale” map of your property. Identify your house, garage, outbuildings, trees, shrubs, mulched areas, low and high spots, sidewalks, and fences.
  • Once the map is completed, plot your irrigation zones and the location of sprinklers, taking into consideration “spray overlap.”
  • Each sprinkler head will have a specific target. You want to avoid watering non-organic materials like foundations, driveways, and sidewalks.
  • You’ll use this map to order parts. It’s important that it is as close to scale as possible so you don’t come up short or buy too much.

Of course, all this is just the planning stage. You are definitely going to need help identifying the parts you need and how to assemble the zones.

Even a relatively small lawn can wind up being a sizeable investment if the planning and implementation is done incorrectly.

Contact The Parke Company

Avoid that risk and the frustration and give the Parke Company a call for a free consultation. We’ve been in business in Nashville for over 30 years. We are the premiere tree experts and home for certified arborists. We have the professional staff, experience, and equipment to handle all your irrigation needs. Call us today!