Giving Thanks for our Trees

Another Thanksgiving down and the holiday season is in full swing. We don’t know about you, but our bellies are full of delicious turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie! We hope you took account of all that you were thankful for this year — your family, friends, health — whatever it might be! But there is one important thing we must never forget to be thankful for…trees!

Here are some reasons why we should be thankful for trees:

  1. Protection. Whether you need shade from a very sunny day or you need protection from an unexpected rainfall, trees and their leaves will provide it for you. For centuries, trees have been shelter for those who need protection from the elements and for that, we’re thankful!
  2. Nourishment and Oxygen. It goes without saying that trees are a valuable resource for nourishment and oxygen for both humans and animals. For hundreds of years we’ve been utilizing trees for clean air as well as fruit, nuts and much more!
  3. Beauty. If not for anything else, be thankful for the beauty trees provide our environment. Whether it’s springtime and the leaves are blooming in Cheekwood, summer with bright, green leaves in Percy Warner, or winter with bare limbs, trees elicit a gorgeous backdrop outside to enjoy.

Whether you are a self-proclaimed tree hugger or someone who just enjoys celebrating Thanksgiving, there are so many great reasons to be thankful for the trees around you. And just like trees provide so many things for us, it’s important to give back to them. Keeping up with tree services is a great way to ensure they’re healthy and beautiful for years to come! For more information about tree services, contact us today. Happy holidays from The Parke Company!