Four Reasons Why You Should Purchase Larger Maintenance Packages

Many customers ask the Parke Company ways they can get more bang for their buck when taking care of landscape and trees. But the answer is very easy! Not only will the Parke Company work within your budget for all of your lawn maintenance and tree care needs, but they also recommend purchasing larger packages to save money in the long run. If customers are willing to spend a bit more on the front end, the services will reward you later.

Four Reasons Why You Should Book For Larger Projects:

Work with your budget — Many customers choose to do several, smaller projects over a course of time. While this might save money at first, it ends up costing more in the end. The Parke Company understands that customers need to stay within a budget. The team is always willing to work with a client to make sure they receive the best tree care or lawn maintenance service within their price range.

Payments are easy — Especially as the new school season approaches, the Parke Company understands that you may not have the cash to pay for larger projects, however rest assured they have you covered. Customers can set up credit card payments online or an auto payment plan through the office. Have the money to pay it all at once? The Parke Company offers discounts for the overall cost if the customer can pay up front.

Save money by not overlapping services — Doing smaller projects over a longer course of time might seem appealing if you’re trying to save a dollar or two. However clients end up spending more because they end up overlapping services. This is such an easy problem to avoid if you can afford to complete all your projects at once.

Fewer visits — Though the Parke Company loves spending time with their clients, whether you are in the Belle Meade or Oak Hill area, we know you want to get back to enjoying your trees and landscape. Booking all your jobs at once will not only ensure all of your projects are completed sooner, but they also require fewer visits.

Trees, flowerbeds and lawns are flourishing in the summer sun. If you have a large project envisioned for your landscape, the Parke Company has a variety of possibilities to make those visions come to life. Whether you want to save money or get the project done quickly, there’s no reason you shouldn’t hire the Parke Company for your big summer project if you are in the Nashville and Middle Tennessee area.  Want more info on tree care, landscape or lawn maintenance services?  Call the Parke Company for a free consultation.