Emerald Ash Borer Coming to Davidson County

There is a new bug in town. First spotted in Michigan, the emerald ash borer has found its way through Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky, among other states. Originally from Asia, the ½ inch long bug with metallic green wings has come to America and eaten its way all the way down to Tennessee, and now Davidson County.

According to the USDA, an estimated 271 million green and white ash trees (approximately $11 billion worth) are in the state of Tennessee, which is the bug’s meal of choice. If the emerald ash borer becomes a serious problem in the state, it could be detrimental to the ash population in the area.

Early detection is very difficult because these pesky creatures will kill trees before we realize there is a problem. It can take anywhere from one to three years before a tree’s symptoms begin to show, and by then it is too late to treat. The larvae feed on the tissue in the trunk, blocking off water and nutrients, which eventually causes the leaves to wilt, limbs to fall off, and death. However, the adult borers leave distinct markings in the trunk as they exit the tree when they’re finished growing.

It is commonly believed that the spread of Emerald Ash Borers is caused by the transportation of firewood and unprocessed logs. The Parke Company has been working diligently to create preemptive measures for these possible infestations. While these measures are not always guaranteed, it’s the best bet in keeping beloved ash trees alive. Unsure you if you have an ash tree and you don’t want to take a chance? Call the Parke Company and they’ll help you identify the trees in your property as well as harmful elements, and guide you in any necessary precautions.

For more information or to inquire about tree care, call the Parke Company today.