8 Low-Maintenance Landscape Designs

With so many items on your to-do list, you may not have much time for intricate lawn projects. Most likely, you still want a well-manicured and beautiful yard. Listed are some ways to help you get the appropriate look without all of the extra hassle of a complicated landscape.

  • Remove Existing Lawn Problems. Eliminate any water features or demanding plants that aren’t providing enough benefit to continue maintaining. Shrub removal or tree removal can be a quick fix that makes a large difference.
  • Select Perennials. Perennials save you time because you don’t have to pick new plants annually. Drought-tolerant perennials are also effortless because they require less water.
  • Choose Flowering or Coniferous Shrubs. These shrubs emit a pleasant aroma and give color to your yard without having to be watered frequently.
  • Think Groundcover. Groundcover plants cut down on weed development so you don’t have to spend your Saturday yanking out those pesky weeds. It also provides protection from drought and erosion.
  • Plant in Groups. Group plants together with similar light and water requirements. This will make them easier to care for and easier to mow around.
  • Avoid Over-Planting. Not only will you have fewer plants to take care of, each plant will have the space to grow full-size.
  • Pile on the Mulch. Mulch reduces your amount of watering and weeding while releasing nutrients into the soil.
  • Consider Automatic Irrigation Systems. Once installed, an irrigation system can do most of the work for you.

With these suggestions, you can tackle home projects or finally finish that lengthy book rather than weeding, watering or completing other landscape maintenance tasks. For irrigation system installation, tree removal or any landscape services, contact The Parke Company for a free estimate.

How to Make a Big Impact with a Small Landscape in Nashville, Tennessee

A small yard may seem like a challenge at first, but can be just as inviting as a larger yard without the extra lawn maintenance. Here are a few suggestions to help create the appearance of a larger lot while appreciating the shorter amount of lawn mowing required.

  • Get Vertical. Making different levels with tall, narrow plants or structures can give small lots an extra boost. Bamboo, crepe myrtle, trellises or raised beds can all help add height.
  • Incorporate Color. Darker colors give the appearance of shadows while bolder colors draw the eye and make the rest of the yard recede, creating the illusion of depth.
  • Establish Divisions. Although it may seem hard to believe, divisions actually help limited areas. Use hedges, walls or fences to section off your yard. Diagonal paving stones will also make your yard appear more spacious.
  • Contain it. Flower pots, window boxes or other containers are great space-savers. You can still grow what you like without taking over the lawn. Pots are easy to move around for versatility and testing the best shade or sun spots.
  • Create Proportions. With minimal space, it’s best to use trees sparingly. You can also plant dwarf versions of trees the for correct proportions. If large trees are already taking up a lot of room, consider tree removal.
  • Use Accents. Accents typically draw the eye to a focal point and distract from lot size. Installing a small water fountain or seating area can also increase value. Make sure not to create too many focal points, which could clutter the area.

Landscaping a cramped yard doesn’t have to be a hassle. If you make the most of the space, you might find that you don’t miss the extra room. Talking to a local landscape company before starting any major lawn project is a great way to transform your design into reality. If you live in the Nashville area, contact the Parke Company for a free estimate.

6 Shrubs Ideal for Nashville’s Climate

With plenty of culture, food and music, it’s easy to enjoy living in Nashville. But how well do you know the climate? Nashville is actually part of a humid subtropical climate, which means that it generates hot, humid summers and cool to moderately cold winters. This climate is a preferred growing area, especially for beautiful shrubs. When choosing your plants this year, consider these shrub types, which will flourish in our specific environment.

  • Strawberry Bush: This native Tennessee perennial is a great addition to any yard, if only for the conveniently available fruit it produces.
  • Song of India: This evergreen shrub grows white blooms in the summertime. It is drought-tolerant so that you don’t have to spend your time constantly watering.
  • Red Chinese Hat Bush: The Hat Bush is another evergreen that grows in an attractive umbrella shape. Bright orange flowers grow year-round. It can be used as a hedge or border in the yard.
  • Bird of Paradise: The Bird of Paradise shrub produces striking orange and blue blossoms but can take several years to bloom. However, there are methods available for speeding up the process.
  • Forsythia: Part of the olive family, this popular shrub produces bright yellow blossoms.
  • Weigela: These are popular, medium-sized, ornamental shrubs with blooms that are typically white, pink or red.

Besides a bit of pruning, these plants are a low-maintenance way to spruce up your garden while keeping in mind what works in the Nashville area. If you have shrubs that need to be replaced in order include one or more of the ones listed above, contact the Parke Company for shrub removal or any other type of landscape service.