Scheduling Your Services Now, Pays Off in the Future


parke-company-emergency-services-tree-landscape-irrigation-maintenance-blog-Benefits-to-Buying-Larger-Maintenance-Packages-tree-workOne of the best things about Parke’s services is that we work with you over the course of many seasons. Should you need tree care in the summer or snow removal in the dead of winter, we have your back. Even though it seems to be getting colder outside and your need for tree care is slowing down, we recommend calling us to schedule the last of your fall services right away. Working with an arborist or landscape team checks off any odds and ends you still have on your list, but it also ensures that you’re covered in the future.

There are so many great benefits to scheduling tree care and landscape services now before it’s too late. Not convinced? Here are three reasons why you won’t regret it:

Emergency services are ready when you need it
The winter season is sneaking up on us and, before you know it, Middle Tennessee will have ice and snow all over the roadways and driveways. That also means your trees will be covered in ice and snow, which can lead to damage of property or blocked roadways. Thankfully, if you are a Parke customer already you will get first priority for winter emergency services. So if a branch falls on your driveway and you’re blocked, our emergency crew at Parke will be at your house in a jiffy, and you can be on your merry way.

It’s one less thing you need to worry during the upcoming holiday season
We all know that the holiday season can bring additional stress and emotion to each and every one of us. That is why scheduling your Parke services now is a great option for the future. Who wants to worry about raking up those leaves, right? It’s one less thing you have to worry about. Call one of our arborists today and get your trees transplanted and those flowerbeds cleaned.  That leaves all your attention to enjoying the leaves change, trimming the Christmas tree and carving the turkey.

Bundling services is actually cheaper in the long run
We all like to save money right? Bundling multiple tree and landscape services with Parke ensures that you actually save more money in the long run. Have tree work that an arborist needs to take care of? Have a large landscape that our landscape crew needs to manage? Perhaps you need some decorations for your fall and winter parties you’re hosting this year? If any of these things are what you need, then we suggest calling us today and discussing bundling the services in order to save a little cash. And what better time to save money than right before all the holiday shopping begins?

Our crew of experienced landscape specialists and arborists are certified at making sure that your trees and your landscape look impeccable through the entire year.  By scheduling the services now, you are guaranteeing yourself less hassle as the winter months emerge. For more information about tree care services, landscape services, and any other services that Parke offers, give us a call today!