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Person pruning plants on a plot of land

When Should You Prune?

As summer begins, property owners across the globe are dusting off their gardening equipment and heading out into their yards. Just like getting your hair trimmed is important for encouraging growth, pruning your shrubs, trees, and bushes is a vital part of a healthy, thriving garden.

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Bed of brown shredded mulch

Why Choose Shredded Pine Mulch?

Even for the experienced green thumb, it can take a lot to get your garden looking the way you desire. Between choosing soil, fertilizer, and irrigation methods, the options may seem endless for your landscape.

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Person with mulch in their hand

Can You Over-Mulch?

As a proud property owner, you are doing everything you can to help your lawn flourish. Between irrigation systems, careful monitoring, and hiring the perfect landscaping services, decisions like mulching may seem simple.

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