Deck Stripping: 5 Signs It’s Time for Deck Repair

As spring and summer settle in, outdoor parties are on everyone’s mind. Pictures of friends and family mingling across lawns and through backyards are enough to warm the heart of anyone this season. But for some, the thought of welcoming dozens of friends might be a source of anxiety when you think of just how shabby your landscape has gotten over the winter months. 

Are the shrubs wilting? Is the garden full of weeds? Is the lawn overgrown? 

All of these worries can be assuaged simply by enlisting landscaping services from experts like those at The Parke Company. Our trained professionals can get your property party-ready in no time! What may be a more taxing affair is something a bit worse than just lawn problems, namely: your deck. 

Is your deck ready for keeping up with the Joneses this season? Here’s everything you need to know about the five signs it’s time for deck repair. 


Between sun damage, water damage, and everyday wear and tear, your deck takes a beating. With the daily toll the elements take on your deck, one of the first signs you need deck repair is fairly obvious: discoloration.  If the paint or stain on your deck has lost its luster, it’s time for some repairs to be made. While the aesthetic quality of your deck is certainly compromised, discoloration of wood can also be a sign of more significant structural damage brought on by age or wear. 

Flaws in Woodwork

When left unaddressed, mild wear like discoloration can lead to more significant damage like chips and splintering. At this point, both the aesthetic quality and safety of your deck have been compromised, demonstrating that the planks themselves are degrading. 

Uneven Planks

Uneven planks or those that buckle and flare at the edges are signs of wood that has warped over time. When wood experiences water damage, it expands and contracts over time, which can lead to warping in planks. That pesky spot on your deck that makes your chairs wobble or catches your foot occasionally is your deck’s way of telling you that you’re in need of some deck repair services. When you enlist services, be sure to talk with your contractor about the extent to which repairs are needed: it may just be a plank or two or the damage could be so widespread that the entire deck needs attention. 


Pests get their name for a reason: they’re annoying. But in the case of your deck, pests like ants and termites are more than just bothersome– they’re dangerous. Things like rotting wood are already putting the structure of your deck at risk, even more so if it attracts termites who speed up the degradation process. The health and safety of your deck (and anyone who encounters it!) are significantly at risk. Be sure to enlist the services of a landscaping professional who is experienced in dealing with the causes of pest-related damage and can properly advise your next steps in pest control.  

Hardware Issues

A less visible sign of damage can also be one of the most nefarious. Over time, hardware like screws and nails can come loose and render themselves ineffective for holding together the structure of your deck. Check for loose and missing hardware in your deck and stay abreast of any damage that your deck may have suffered over time.  A deck in your backyard can be the hub of social life this summer– that is, as long as it’s structurally sound and free of damage. Hiring the experienced professionals at The Parke Company for landscape services is the first step to ensuring you receive the help necessary to preserve the assets on your property. 

From lawn mowing to tree removal, the landscaping professionals at The Parke Company have the experience and the skills to meet the unique needs of your property and bring your design dreams to life. 
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