Chipping & Grinding

Give your landscape a boost.

Get the well-manicured look mulch can provide. Mulch controls weeds, reduces soil erosion, and enriches your soil. It’s an excellent way to reduce maintenance while conserving moisture.

Mulching Services:

The Parke Company prides itself on its ability to incorporate mulch into your landscape. We offer numerous traditional types of mulch as well as creative alternatives like pine needle mulch. This is typically organic, lightweight, and holds better on sloped areas than most other mulch. Pine needle mulch is sustainable because no trees are cut down in the process. Shredded pine mulch as another great alternative. It has many of the same benefits as standard mulch but also emits a pleasant pine aroma and conditions the soil due to its unique pH level.

Chipping and Grinding Services:

We are experienced in the mulching of debris, brush, stumps, landscape debris, and felled trees. Transform your unwanted trees into something useful and pleasing to the eye. We can assist you in your specific vision while using all of the resources at hand.

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